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04-21-2001, 11:25 PM
I have a GI but haven't seen him in a while and the way it works at least in my town is that I need to be referred to him again by my family doctor

While I'm waiting my family doctor gave me a sample of Dicetel to try to see if it will help at all. He did not give me very much information about it though and there isn't a leaflet or anything inside the box. Does anyone know where I can find some information on it? Also he gave me 20 pills (take 3 a day) and said if that seemed to help to call him and get a prescription for some more.

I have been out of the drug "loop" for IBS for over 4 years but I know when I was seeing my GI before he always told me to take medication for 3-4 weeks at least even if my symptoms seemed worse for a bit (unless I was losing weight then call him about it)

Is this still true? I have a hard time thinking I would notice much of a difference in 6 days on them. I'm wondering if I should call and get the prescription anyway but then if it does only take 6 days I don't want to pay for pills I won't use.

Any advice would be appreciated.

04-22-2001, 06:08 AM
Christa ..we are all different ...I cannot take dicetel ..but you may find it of a benefit for you...Its an antispasmodic you take it 20 mins before you eat and it stops the rush of the bowel trying to get rid of your food.... have you tried the soluble fibre...isogel works by adding fibre thus stopping the diarreah or easing constipation...I suggest you chat to Harry the moderator as I am from England and we have different soluble fibres he will put you on the right track...
Good luck Christa...Love Janie xx