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05-16-2001, 05:08 AM
I have read online that the cause of a lot of health problems including IBS may be caused by parasites like worms in the intestine. The worms live there and send toxins into your bloodstream and offset good health. Most of these sites then try to sell some sort of herbal cleanser and have testimonies. I cannot find any proffessional medical info about parasite worms in the intestine and what to do about it. All I can find are serious cases of parasites that most people are forced to go to a GI doctor and the signs aren't simular to IBS. They usually include weight loss, bleeding, malnutricion, and severe allergic reactions, but nothing about IBS. In some ways I think a lot of these claims are hoopla since most people have bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites normally that aren't harmful and maybe beneficial and live normal lives. It may very well be something like this, but how common is it in a healthy IBS sufferer?

Also I do have other symptoms that may just be a irrelevent. I have small lymph nodes on my neck, I am mildly sensitive to heat, itchy skin, minor dehydration even though I drink lots of water, teeth grinding in sleep, panic attacks, occasional trouble with swallowing, and low energy. I do NOT have headaches, muscle and joint pains, abnormal skin conditions (temperatures colors or textures), blood in my stool, weightloss, pains in my stomach unless it's gas, or difficulty breathing.
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Angie E
05-16-2001, 09:05 AM

All the symptoms you have listed are symptoms of a hyperthyroid condition, which will cause massive diarrhea. I had Graves Disease and I had many of your symptoms. Heat intolerance, rash, panic attacks, moodiness, trouble swallowing. I'm not a dr. but it sounds to me like your thyroid is enlarged. Please go to a dr. and have it tested immediately. Dr. Gluck, an endocronologist in Fort Worth is supposed to be pretty good. You can go to your family dr. and request the thyroid panel. He/she can do the test you if they detect a thyroid problem they will probably refer you to an endo. There are 3 in Fort Worth. Please take care of this immediately. Also, check your heart rate before you get out of bed. If it's above 70, you've got a problem. Also, are you having trouble sleeping? Run out of energy? Sweating? Extremely irritable? Hands shaking? Before my thyroid problem was discovered, people thought I was faking it too. Many people go without realizing a thyroid problem, because it's usually gradual. It can cause heart problems, so please, get it tested.
Angie E

Angie E
05-16-2001, 09:06 AM
Also, I forgot to mention this...When you have a hyperthyroid condition, you can gain weight instead of lose. I gained weight for several years before I started losing at a rapid rate. There are several sites on Graves Disease and hyperthyroidism.

05-16-2001, 09:30 AM
None of my symptoms are cronic and I don't have massive diarhea. I usually just have the constant urge when I get nervous, but sometimes I just have straight out diarhea. I never have problems at night with diarhea when I sleep. The itchy skin has just happened in the past month of the two years with IBS. I don't sweat unless it is warmer than usuall during sleep. I didn't rapidly gain weight until I started had IBS and it leveled off at a maintained weight. That may just be me growing in my mid twenties. I will check out the thyroid issue though with my doctor.

05-16-2001, 10:50 AM
One other thing I would like to add, I don't have a goiter, I don't sweat when I walk around. I don't get depressed or have strange mood swings although I am very cranky and ****** off when I wake up, but that goes away and I feel like the loveable person I always am all day. I don't have trouble sleeping. I had an exam several months ago for my lymph nodes and several doctors felt my neck and said don't worry about it (but thats what they say about my IBS too). I've had several doctors check my heart rate and they say it's normal and healthy. I had a blood test last year, a chest x-ray, a stool sample, and when I had the stomach flu this year I didn't dehydrate (which can be common with the stomach flu). My liver and spleen aren't inflamed.

Well I made an appointment for a physical on June 7th and I'll find out.