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03-07-2002, 10:39 PM
I have had constipation-mucus and small stools to mucus filled stools to sometimes normal stools to narrow ones. I went to the doctor cause onenight I was so constipated and could not go and had low abdomen pain I wiped and there was blood. I ended up taking a laxative again to help go. No blood since.
I feel like my insides are burning and swollen. I also had a feeling like a fist in my rectum and it hurt. The doc found an internal hemmoroid and some small ones on the outside-she also said I am losing support and need estrogen but can not take it(that is another story) Anyways she did a scope and said I had dark stool high up but no blood was found on the finger exam I always feel like I have stool in me. And was not suprised I had stool far up. But the dark concernes me. Could this be old stool? Or definately blood in stool. She wants me to have a colonspy but very scared. No colon cancer runs in family. I wanted to be know about ibs but she would not talk about it and also ask her to test me for candida infections in the colon and she said she had no idea how to do that. I have had candida before but this doc did not know how? I did not understand that. My symtoms are similiar to the candida I also have a feeling of liguid coming from anus. Should I seek another doc? I don;t know what to do. What other tests are there besides this colonospy to help me? I am trying the fiber therapy now and feel i have been to depended on laxatives. Very worried and don;t wantto have this test done cause of what they may fine. Does this sound like cancer?

03-08-2002, 05:00 PM

The swelling and burning pains in your belly and rectum sound like all your belly and bowels are very sore and inflammed.

If you get real constipated and impacted, it is not unusual to have stools high up. You need a really good clear out though. To push the stools down from above you could try taking bowel prep solutions like Picolax, Senna granules or Clean Prep. Just put a sachet in a cup, add water and drink. You could take up to two sachets and that should push it all down. At the same time or a couple of days later you could try some suppositories or an enema to clear out the stuff that has been pushed down. You could also consider a stool softener so its not to hard to push out when the time comes. Think you really need a few good sessions of sitting on the toilet to really open your bowels well.

Hope this helps and that you feel better soon?