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10-03-2001, 08:37 PM
I have read the boards here and tons of links but not much I have tried really helps me. I have the constipating IBS. I use colace twice a day on the advice of my doctor. I take metamucil 2 tbsp twice a day but often this is not enough. I am so sick of metamucil & prune juice I could puke!! Anything else I can try?? I am on a low carb diet for other health reasons so anything with sugar is out. I do eat fruit occasionally.


10-04-2001, 12:17 PM
Hi Angie,
Psyllium seed husk is probably the safest bowel regulator yor can take on a daily basis. I take Equate rather than Metamucil because it seems as if it not as powdery and it's cheaper----you can buy it from Wal-Mart. My wife does not like psyllium the powder form that you mix with water and she takes it in a capsule form that we buy at a health food store 4 to 6 caps/daily.She says the powder bloats her and hurts her hernia.

As you know psyllium is a water soluble fiber supplement that is a bulk stool forming agent. The problem is usually---you have to drink enough water when you take it and you have to adjust(increase) the dose until you get a gentle BM daily without straining.

Fiber is what makes our bowels work properly. I am also on a high protein low carb diet for high insulin level but the veggies and fruits I eat daily have alot of fiber but mostly not the water soluble type. All protein and dairy products has zero fiber. So,if you don't get fiber in what you eat---you have get it some how to make your GI tract Work.

Just from your message ---I think you need to increase your fiber intake and I'll bet you are not drinking 8---8 ounces glasses of water daily.
Believe me I've been there. Not drinking enough makes it worse!!
I wish you the best <IMG SRC="http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/bang.gif">

God Bless---Harry <p>[This message has been edited by Harry (edited 10-05-2001).]