View Full Version : Ibs or multiple sclerosis

09-13-2001, 10:10 AM
Ibs is a symptom of multiple sclerosis. If you have any others symptoms, vision problems, numbness tingling or weakness in extremities, cognitive difficulties etc. Please see a neurologist. My husband was told he had ibs and restless leg syndrome for over year until his whole left side went numb, then they determined it was actually multiple sclerosis.

11-26-2001, 11:17 AM
I was dx with ms in 90 and have had ids since I was a small child. I have seen many many doctors in my lifetime and not one mentioned a connection with the two conditions. Today I see my family doctor for a severe episode the other night which I haven't recovered, she and I will discuss this new information. thank you for giving me something else to think about and check out.

01-14-2002, 06:16 PM
I have been having trouble with my bowels and my family doctor told me it was ibs but I always thought it had do to with my having MS.Sometimes the pain gets really bad I was on morphine for the MS pain and that didn't even help for my (ibs).The pain gets so intense and my abdomen was swolen to the point that it looked like I was 9 months pregnat. A few times I almost past out and I had to be brought to the hospital by ambulance.Once there they took a lot of x-rays and blood tests.They gave me a needle for the pain and then I was sent home.The doctor said he was sending my family doctor the report and for him to make an appointment for me to see a specialist.That was at the end of November and the appointment is for at the end of this month.I thought I was one of the odd ones to have this type of problem and that it was because of MS.