View Full Version : Affects of sperm/risk of conception on Mercaptopurine/PURINETHOL

05-01-2002, 02:41 PM
My fiance has been taking 6-mp for 5 months. He and I
would like to have a child. The risks involved with being on 6-mp and conceiving are
"possible birth defects". We do not want to take the
risk of conceiving a child under these circumstances. Where can I find information on
this?? We have asked his doctor, tried to do research
on our own, and still have not gotten all of our questions answered.
What I want to know is ...
1) Can he come off the medication so we can conceive?
2) If so, how long should we wait for his sperm to be
"normal" and "safe" for conception?
3) Is there any extensive materials (preferrably
online) that I can reference about this matter?

Anyone's help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.