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longtime acne sufferer
09-26-2002, 02:16 AM
If anyone has had an ileostomy or colostomy, [e-mail address removed] I am seriously considering it for excruating pain and diarrhea. I take 8 Lomtil a day and 5 Tylenol #3 which doesn't help me. thanks

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09-26-2002, 05:46 AM
Can I just ask you if you suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease such as crohns or colitis or do you have IBS? It is just that I would be extremely surprised if a surgeon would be prepared to carry out an operation to give you either a colostomy or ileostomy with a diagnosis of IBS.

If you say that you have tried Immodium and conventional medicine without success, have you tried any alternative therapies? If not, then I would consider this, as they can be extremely good in cases such as yours with diarrhea and severe stomach pains.

Do you have constant stomach pains and diarrhea?

longtime acne sufferer
09-26-2002, 08:46 AM
Well i've been suffering for 16 years with IBS. no Chrones. I make frequent trips to the emergency room when I can make it this is as ambulance 911 will not give pain shots. My problem is off the scale pain and a surgeon in town is willing to do a temporary ileostomy. Anyone have any luck with that? what should i do?

09-26-2002, 09:08 AM
Below is my response to your other question about Zelnorm and other methods of controlling the diarrhea.

Have you ever tried calling an emergency doctor out rather than 911 for the EMT when your stomach pains are severe? EMT don't normally like giving pains shots for stomach pains as they like to have you assessed in the ER first by the doc. I came home from holiday earlier in the year with a severe stomach infection and I had such severe stomach pains and diarrhea - (I was on the toilet for 30 mins at a time) that I had to call an emergency doc at 2 am. Once he had examined my stomach and done a rectal and other vitals, he gave me a shot for the pain and then told me to go and see him the next day for a whole host of other tests, such as bloods and an ultrasound scan of my stomach. I also had to have a colonoscopy at a later date.

If your diarrhea is bad you should start taking Metamucil which is a water soluble fiber supplement. Contrary to what people think, it does not produce diarrhea, but will add bulk to your system and firm up your stools. Take it twice daily and see if your diarrhea improves.

The fact that you have gas pains means that the bacteria in your gut is out of balance and you should start to take some Acidophilis caps or probiotics caps on a twice daily basis. Keep them in the fridge and take them on an empty stomach night and morning and don't take them with hot drinks, as heat kills bacteria. These contain Lactobacillis and other bacteria which naturally colonise the gut and once it is recolonated your stomach should be better.

I would also advise you to start taking a Magnesium supplement. If you are having diarrhea on such a regular basis, it depletes your stores of Magnesium and also by taking Magnesium supplements it helps your large bowel to absorb more water and if you absorb water your stools become firmer.

Hope this helps and try the suggestions and see how you go?