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07-05-2002, 10:14 AM
About 4 years ago i got married. My parens were very unhappy with my choice of bride and my bride was very unhappy that my parents were being the way they were. I was stuck in the middle and there was alot of pressue, and out of nowhere i started getting really bad diahorreah. I have never been ill before with anything so this was quite a shock. It went on for days, weeks, to the point that i was running to the toilet every 10 minutes. I had gone so many times that i would bleed from wiping and i was consistently exhausted. My stomach would churn and i could feel it coming on, and i had to run to the loo every time. If i held it in it would start to hurt - alot. I eventually went to the doctor about it, after it didnt clear up for a week or so. He couldnt find anything wrong with me, so he sent me to a specialist, who gave me some pills to take. I hate pills and only take headache pills when i really have to. I very rarely take any medicine except for the occasional antibiotic when i get tonsilitis or something (once a blue moon). The pills worked for 1 day, then it started again. I went back and the doctor gave me a different kind of pill which didnt work at all. Eventually i woke up one morning and felt so ill from the pills the doctor had given me that i threw up and threw the pills away. I went back to England where i am from to get a colonoscapy - they found nothing whatsoever. My parents didn't believe anything i said and my dad said it was a trick to get a free holiday in England. This really hurt me. I've been suffering with this pesky illness now for four years. Sometimes i have no problems, and my stomach is fine - for a week, and then for no reason it starts up again. I have tried diet, not smoking (which actually helps a bit - there may be something in menthol cigarettes that triggers it)and change of lifestyle. I have got it down to a fine art and here is the best advice i can give anyone to help with their problem. I know it may sound ridiculous, but if you are suffering the way i was, then you've got nothing to lose so try it.

If you are really really suffering with this, and its not just an inconvenience, smoke some weed. It has an instant effect on the stomach churning and settles my stomach instantly. You dont have to get really stoned, but a couple of hits will amaze you. I couldn't believe how well it worked. If you are just an occasional sufferer, may i offer the following suggestions

The longer i sleep the better my stomach is the following day. This is absolute key. The less sleep you get the worse you will be the following day.

I have found red to be far worse than white, but both make my symptoms 1000 times worse

I'm not 100% sure about this but i'm trying to see if it has an effect or not. I know that when i have my first cigarette in the day i immediately have to go to the toilet. I am not a heavy smoker, maybe 5 cigs a day.

I really hope this advice helps

07-05-2002, 04:39 PM
This is an interesting story, but it does sound as if it is very much linked to anxiety. The fact that your parents did not approve of your new wife and the fact that you got caught in the middle and were quite stressed and that is when the diarrhea first started. All the links are there, so I am not surprised at all that not physical abnormality was found. Also, it sounds as though your parents still cause you some anxiety with comments such as having a free holiday in England. Not very supportive or helpful. How does your wife feel about all this, or is she not affected by it and I take it that you know live in the States?

I would not advocate that anyone smokes weed to settle their stomach. This can lead onto much worse and there are better and more natural ways to settle an upset stomach other than smoking weed.

I would advocate the dietary changes though - good all round good diet with plenty of fruit, veg and carbs, brown bread rather than white, plenty of fluid - 2 to 3 litres of water daily and cutting out alcohol, soda and junk food. Also, as you say a good nights sleep.

Have you also considered food allergies, or where these tested for and found to be negative?

You also need to work on stress reduction techniques, such as Qi Gong deep breathing and meditation exercises. Also, have some acupuncture - it is very good for stress reduction and helping stomach problems generally.