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09-02-2001, 05:11 PM
Hey everyone,
I was thinking about trying Acidophilis for my severe gas problem and IBS but I am worried it will cause me to have diarrhea and an IBS attack. I cannot afford to be sick because I have school. I already take Citrucel, ginger capsules and papaya enzymes and they seem to work great but I still do get the severe gas and it is especially uncomfortable if I am in a class because it is hard for me to sit comfortably in my seat. The gas is so severe and I feel it is controlling my life. Does anyone know what the side affects of Acidophilis are? I also tried Aloe Vera Juice the other night because the pharmacist I work with suggested it for the GI tract. Well instead of helping me it caused me to have a severe attack and fill up with gas so bad I left school crying. My mom told me it wasn't wise of me to take it because Aloe is a lubricant and that is what caused me to have an attack. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Does anyone have any advice for me on Acidophilis?? I cant afford to miss anymore classes and this gas and IBS is putting me into states of depression because I see everyone else around me healthy and enjoying class and there I am sitting in my seat with my intestines making noises, my palms sweating, and me just trying to hold it in and sit still in my seat. Also, does anyone know what causes IBS and does it every go into remission. Thanks everyone, and I am sorry if I brought anyone down or depressed anyone by this post.

09-03-2001, 06:26 PM
I suggest you take acidophilus on an empty stomach when going to bed. Alot of it is usually destroyed by stomach acids and not much gets to the intestines when eating.
Also, eat plain yogurt w/acidophilus culture.It helps re-establish the good intestinal flora.

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