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01-10-2001, 10:00 PM
Hi all
I am 28F suffering from chronic
indigestion for months. 4 weeks ago, i started to have constipation, meaning
that i don't have the intention to go at all for 3 days or more, but i did
use some suppositories. I feel so bloated and my tummy seems increasing in
size. About 2 weeks ago, I started to have some kind of epigastric pain (i
thought it could be stomach pain) for hours, it comes and goes and i have
RUQ pain just under right ribs. Very sharp but last for seconds or minutes.I
also get right sided pain (dull and cramps) mainly around the upper 'corner'
section plus vertical. I get pain at the back too. This is occuring daily
and at times when the pain is not sharp, there's always a dull ache /
discomfort around my right sided tummy. It seems to be worse upon moving
body (i feel like something tense or swollen inside my right upper tummy).
breathing deeply hurts sometimes (like catching something painful under my
right ribs). I am really scared if i have something serious going like
tumour or whatever obstructing or eating away my body. I know you think i am
anxious. Yes i am pretty worried because i never have this pain before. my
tummy is bloated and always can hear noises esp when lying down. Does any
know what kind of pain i am experiencing? i recently had ultrasound and
barium meal. i am really scared of some tumour growing inside.
I read about IBS can cause pain and distension but it seems that it's mainly
on the left side and the pain can be relieved by defecation. even after i
visit washroom my pain doesn't go away. it seems to be not related to eating
or defecating. i am hoping to hear from you lot.
God bless everyone.


01-11-2001, 09:33 AM
If you just had an ultrasound and your doctor is satisfied you are not harboring a tumor in you abdomen, then try some of the solutions to alleviate your constipation.

Start with 8 glasses of water a day (8oz) and watch what you eat and include lots of fiber to regain your regularity.

I know someone that had the RUQ discomfort and thought it could be a tumor also. Went to the doc and after getting checked was told they had a slight enlargement of the liver and that could be the source of the sporadic pain under the ribs. Doc also said cholesterol was high and liver enzimes were high. Person got an ultrasound (no tumors or problems), and started lowering the cholesterol without medication. Liver enzimes went down, cholesterol went down (some), started taking metamucil daily and pain went away as soon as bowel regularity was reestablished.

Good luck

01-11-2001, 05:56 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your discomfort--if it's IBS (which it sounds like) you're in for a bumpy but controllable ride.

I too have pain like yours on the right side, not the left like other people say. It's always been on my right side, right where i thought was an ovary, which is why I too had ultrasounds and OB/GYN exams up to wazoo to see if I had cysts, cancer, etc. I have this dull ache that's sometimes sharp that shoots down my entire right leg--forget about sleeping on my right side! I used to use a heating pad, but after awhile just gave up on that too.

The only thing I can suggest that actually works is fiber therapy, lots of water, moderate exercise (!!!!!this really works to move your bowels!!!!!) and eating a well balanced diet. The IBS diet recommends fore-going dairy and meat.

I had constipation where I would go once every 2-3 weeks, and after starting these different strategies I go about every other day to every day if I'm lucky. Just give it a shot and your tummy will thank you!!

Feel Free to Respond!

01-12-2001, 02:39 PM
I also have the right sided pain,i have for 4 years,i have had EVERY test except for a colonoscopy because my dr said after my workup,i needed no more,i do find mine is alot of gas,and when i don't "go" as much.
Good Luck,Krissy /C type

01-13-2001, 01:43 AM
how often and how intense do you get the right sided pain? mine is very severe as i would double up. plus across the tummy too. i am very scared and worried about having some tumour in the intestine causing the obstruction, and all the related crampy pain, sharp stabbing pain, and dull ache infront of the obstruction. i am very scared indeed. my constipation results in thin stool, irregular, plus the colour is 'mixed with dark and pale patches'.

Very worried Kissie

01-13-2001, 10:15 AM
Kissie,i have had this almost 4 years,it started after i had my daughter,its real bad at times.I've had 2 cat scans to rule out tumor,etc. i was told its trapped gas.Calm down and see your dr. Mine is like a bad cramping,like almost if its a muscle and sometimes pinches,and it will travel up to my ribs.Sometimes i feel like it will be there forever,i doubt if its a tumor,or obstruction,have you seen a dr? mine also travels to the left on and off.If you want to ask me anything else,go right ahead!

01-24-2001, 12:06 PM
first of all calm down because panicing will only make it worse!
i have been having the same problem as you for the past couple of years and i bet i know what you do it starts off with an annoying pain so you start panicing because you think you've got a tumor or appendicitus or somthing and then you start touching where it hurts and the pain just gets worse.
But its because your panicing that it gets worse you need to calm down next time you feel this pain and while its there call out a Dr just so he can make sure you're Ok and if you are then take a nice long hot bath and take your mind of it listen to some music or somthing and i promise you the pain will have gone.
You should also be drinking plenty of pure water as well as a high fibre diet (i didn't find that fibre improved my condition though), you should also be having 5 different fruits and vegetables each day and if your not allready on a medication like colo fac then you should ask your Dr for some.
i hope you will find this helps.

02-06-2001, 12:06 PM
Hi! It's good to know that other suffer similar complaints - not that I'd wish them on anyone. After CTs this week, Dr. assures me that there is no physical problem, just functional, and calls it IBS. He wants to try antidepressant (Paxil). I'm not convinced. My constipation has DIRECTLY coincided with onset of menopause. One Dr. says yes there can be a realtionship. GYN says he never heard of this. I think it's time for a new GYN. Meanwhile, knowing that there is no obstruction or other abnormality will help allay my fears (My father had colon cancer), but it may take a while on the system. I'll try every natural treatment available and then do natural progesterone before any more antidepressants, which I feel are the current catch-all drug for any symptom a Dr. can't explain. I also have a good group of people praying for me. Sometimes this is the absolutely best 'medicine' available! Certainly sends messages to the best Healer of all! Anyone with input on this condition,contact me. ([email protected]) Sometimes those who have experienced certain things can offer better advice than the so-called experts!

Ann S
02-06-2001, 05:36 PM

I was diagnosed with IBS/D type over 30 years ago. Usually it was just sporadic problems, until the last few yrs. That's when I started with the severe, sharp pains (predominately on left side & towards middle & sometimes in lower back). It scared me so much cause it didn't seem anything like the usual gas pains. Also, after that I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning with problems too. I went to a couple of different Drs.(including a poor gastro Dr.) and nothing they suggested helped. Finally, I went to the Mayo clinic. First, they ruled everything else out with numerous tests. They confirmed the IBS diagnosis and put me on a low dose of Elavil (anti-depressant, 10-20mg). The dosage is almost nothing compared to the amount people with depression have to take. This helps calm the stomach so it doesn't spasm, which is one of the causes of both the C & D type of IBS symptoms including the pain. They also told me to find my trigger foods and avoid them, and to take fiber supplements. (I've never read or been told to avoid meat tho, just don't fry it.) I also previously had a prescription for a generic Bentyl. They said to use that on an 'as needed' basis. I've heard of people having problems with that medication, but I think they were using it daily, not just once in a while. I did everything but the fiber and I was soooooooo much better. Didn't have the pain, cramping etc. until recently. So after a lot of testimonials on this board, I started Harry's psyllium husk fiber pills. Things are again much better.

If you read some of the posts on the old board, you'll get a good idea of what type of fiber supplements are good & how to be careful starting them. High fiber foods just aren't enough. Besides, a lot of high fiber foods are trigger foods for most IBSers and should be avoided. You have to learn to drink alot of water with the fiber too, or it won't help. Also, on this board there's an old post called 'Worth reading for IBSers' that will give you a lot of good info that you need. Hope this helps, Ann S.

By the way, IBS is very much affected by hormone levels & changes. My IBS was always worse around the time of my period, and the start of menopause was at the same time as when my symptoms went from sporadic to severe & frequent! Knowledgable Drs. will confirm this.

04-07-2001, 12:46 PM
I too have been plagued by right sided pain for about two years now. I have had a colonoscopy,endoscopy, small bowel study, and an abdominal cat scan. All of these tests have been nagative. My doc says it is just IBS and trapped gas. If I do not take my daily dose of fiber, or if I eat alot of junk foods, this will trigger that annoying pain and the only thing that seems to help is Levsin. I wish there was something that would prevent this pain altogether. does anybody have any suggestions?????

Mike NoLomotil
04-10-2001, 05:35 AM

I have been away in alifornia for 5-6 days so have not been around. Am busy writing a proposal today so tied-up. BUT do want to leave you with brief comment then will check back tomorrow when free.

You rae correct to feel something "acute" is wrong if, as you describe your symptoms, the onset is acute. If the GI series and ultrasound are/were negative then you have little to fear from tumor. But it would also be unlikely that this presentation would be linked to nything chronic like any form of so called "IBS". It just would not fit unless there were a precursor insult. There are certain precursor events that can suddenly altered bowel function and result in chronic dysfunction.

BUT t6hose problems would be experienced as an acute-phase infection or food poisoning, or acute inflammatory response of one of the related organs like the gall bladder or pancreas,etc.

Have you heard anything about what may have been seen on stool culture/sensitivity or tissue analysis? Have they done any other bloodwork and if so what were the results? There are seevral acute problems much more probable than a tumor to suspect at this point, so I would not become to focused on that just yet. It is a lower likelihood than is some acute reversible process that just has not been zeroed-in yet.

Talk to you later gotta go go go

Eat well. Think Well. Be Well