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08-25-2002, 05:07 PM
Dear Healthboards, I have had IBS for 2years now and my symptoms differ... I take acidophilis and that seems to help, but everytime of having severe IBS I have also had a kidney infection, or urinary infection... Does anybody else suffer with this too???? My monthlys are also irregular... and my IBS gets worse before and during my period...
I work and sometimes its very difficult for me with this embarrasing problem... I sometimes wish I could wake up and think hey I feel fine today ....
Also I catch everything under the sun, if anyone sneezes near me I get the cold ....I also get very fatigued...
Please can anybody give me some advice I would be very grateful...
Thank You

Janie xoxoxoxo

08-26-2002, 05:29 AM

Firstly, it is normaly for your IBS to get worse before and during your period. A lot of women find that and it is due to the differing levels of hormones before your period. Your levels of progesterone rise just before a period and progresterone also has an effect on the gut, that can make all the symptoms of IBS worse.

It is possible that you have had a UTI and/or a kidney infection when your IBS has been bad, due to bacteria from the bowel invading the urethra and working its way through the system. If your IBS has been bad and you have had constant diarrhea, then this is a distinct possibility. Bacteria happily live in your bowels and your urethra, but when either bacteria invades where it is not supposed to, then infection sets in.

As to your lowered levels of immunity, how many lots of antibiotics have you taken recently for your kidney infections and UTI's? This could very well be the cause and antibiotics are renound for lowering your immunity. Although, they kill bacteria antibiotics can leave you generally run down and this in turn can leave you open to picking up viral infections too, which is why you are getting so many coughs and colds.

Keep on taking the acidophilis, this is good and should prevent yeast infections from the antibiotics. You could think about adding Metamucil. This is a water soluble fiber supplement and should help to regulate your bowels.

Make sure that you drink enough fluid to flush your kidneys and also flush through your bladder to prevent infection. Cranberry juice is good for this.

When you have a cold, Echinacea tincture is good to take in the short term. It is natural and should help you fight the cold more quickly and it also strengthens your immune system.

It also sounds as if you need to take some vitamin supplements. Vitamin B complex is a good one or a general all round multi vitamin, just to give you a boost.

Good luck.