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DancesWith Anxiety
06-17-2002, 05:33 PM
Hi Everyone,
I"m new to this board and I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am 32 yrs old and have been sick for about 10 yrs with Lyme disease 2 other tick illnesses and candida as well as anxiety disorder.
I have had stomach problems for atleast the last 7 yrs. My symptoms are as follows :Pain in the upper protion of the stomach? Intestines? sometimes this pain is all over. Heartburn, burning in the belly(sometimes), Major amounts of Gas and indigestion. Heart palpitates after eating because of those two. Nausea, pain and these odd episodes I've been having for yrs that noone seems to explaine. They go as follows : I normally have one normal bowel movement per day. Well when I have one of these "episodes" I will go maybe Once, twice sometimes 3 time a day for 2 to 3 days and then on the 4th day? Whamo! I get this massive pain in my intestines down by the pelvic area it shoots around to my lower back and down my right leg. Sometimes the pain is so bad I can't walk, laugh, yell, cough etc the pain is also in the anus with this as well.. Within a few hours I have a very painful and stiff bowel movement and it helps to relieve the pain for the most part allthough I can be sore for up to a day or two. These have been going on for yrs....When this happens I feel weak and VERY fatigued, muscle aches in my arms and legs, lightheaded and just out of it.
Well one month ago today I woke up and I was hit with this EXCRUSIATING pain in my abdomen or instestines not sure which one because it was like on the right side of my belly and then in the middle and ran the length of my stomach and it made my heart race really fast and from that I had an instant panic attack one like I've never had before so my husband called 911 and I was taken to the ER. When I got there I was calmed down but the pain was still there . They thought Gallbladder so they did a CT scan with barium from the top of the abdomen to the pelvis and nothing was found. They sent me home with a script for Prevacid which I thought was helping.
My husband came down with the same thing 3 days later, He went to the doctor and was Dx'd with gastroenteritis. Well I figured this was what I had too because I was going on like day 14 with it and he had it just as long. I started to feel better the massive pain subsided and I was just left with the above that I explained earlier..
Well this morning I woke up and within 2 sips of my decaf tea and one drag of my smoke BANG! The pain hit again , my heart was racing and I started to panic. I am also have one of those "episodes" I explained earlier... Does ANYONE have it like this? This early morning pain that makes the heart race till it passes? I"m thinking this is IBS because I've had it for yrs, nothing is found on the tests I've undergone and it ALL started back in 1995 durring Lyme treatment with IV's and orals...All I know is I am as sick as I was a month ago and been in bed all day because I feel so aweful.. Does it hit anyone else as hard? Gosh please tell me someone else get's this.. I feel so alone and SO scared.. Thank you

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Forest Gump

06-18-2002, 05:21 AM

Really sorry to hear about all your problems.

How much do you smoke? It is just that the nicotine from the cigarettes can easily produce the symptoms of a panic attack and nicotine is known to increase you heart rate. You need to cut back or cut it out and this could possibly resolve a lot of your anxiety problems.

It sounds very much as if you could have IBS, especially as all your previous tests were negative. When you have this severe pain in your belly, back and going down your right leg, do you think that you are constipated. It sounds like it? Anyway, the back pain and leg pain could easily be sciatica, which then resolves on having your bowels open. Do you get the back pain and sciatica at any other time other than with the belly pain? There are two thoughts about this, one being that sciatica is a straight inflammation of the sciatic nerve and the other is that when you are constipated, the stools are so hard that they compress the nerve causing the pain and once you have a BM the pain will resolve. This could easily be what is causing your pain, as it does sound as if you are constipated.

You need to increase your intake of fruit and veg. and make sure that you diet is up to scratch. Plenty of carbs too. Increase your water intake too. Add some Metamucil, which is water soluble fiber and make sure you take plenty of water with it, at least 8oz I think, to prevent bloating. Eat a little live yogurt or take some Acidophilis caps to give your good gut bacteria a boost. You could also think of adding prune juice to your diet. It is excellent for constipation.

I think that if you can keep your bowels working well and cut out the smoking (easier said than done I know), then you have a good chance of helping the pains in your belly, back and leg and decreasing your anxiety.

Have you tried heat pads on your belly when the pain is bad? They are very good for relaxing all the muscles.

You may also benefit from some general relaxation and deep breathing exercises. Good for relaxing all your muscles and your belly too.

Hope this helps?

Good luck

06-19-2002, 09:54 AM
I have the same problems I've had them for years When I have my first cig in thr morning it gets much worse. I ordered some enzymes and I'm going to try them I've looked up enzymes on the internet and there was a ton of info on them so I thought I would try them I'll keep you informed.Take one day at a time Diane<p>[This message has been edited by DianeMarie73 (edited 06-19-2002).]

06-29-2002, 06:37 AM
IT PROBABLY IS YOUR GALLBLADDER! My symtoms are very similar. I had 8 years of symtoms followed by 2 more that were so bad I thought I had the flu. The first doc I saw suggested it was my gall bladder but he moved away. I went through every test imaginable (all negative. After 5 GI specialists, and 13 doctors later and a change from my HMO to a PPO, I found a surgeon who was willing to take out my gall bladder even without positive test results. I feel great!! It doesn't always show up on a test. Don't give up.