View Full Version : Can IBS bruise or scar tissue?

10-22-2002, 05:20 AM
Hi all.
Can the fluctuations in the bowel bruise or scar tissue anywhere? I often feel as if I've been kicked in the side and I wonder if brusing is anything to do with that?

10-23-2002, 05:57 AM
As you may or may not know, IBS is based on a diagnosis of exclusion of all other more serious diseases, so as it is not really a disease process I very much doubt that it can cause scarring. To get scarring you need to have had previous stomach/bowel surgery or have one of the inflammatory bowel diseases.

It is more likely that this bruised feeling has come from pulling some muscles in your stomach. These muscles are called your rectus abdominus muscles, hence the term six pack and they stretch all round the sides of your stomach to over and around your belly button and to your lower belly.

I don't know whether your IBS has been particularly bad recently or whether you have had a recent flare-up? It is just that if you have and you have spent long periods of time sitting on the toilet with diarrhea and or constipation and have been straining to open your bowels, it is possible to pull or strain your stomach muslces and this in conjunction with other stomach pains can make you feel very sore and uncomfortable.

I don't know whether you have heard of Arnica? It is a homeopathic remedy that is extremely good for bruising and a bruised feeling. You can obtain it in tablet, tincture or cream form and I would suggest that you get some cream and tablets and rub the cream fully into the areas of your stomach that are painful or all over your stomach. Take the tablets too 1 three times daily for three days and your stomach should start to feel better.

10-23-2002, 06:46 AM
Hi SuperSarah thanks for your reply.
The last 12 months has been really stressful for me but I thought that I had IBS 'under control' (if there's such a thing..) However, in the last six weeks or so I am experiencing a lot of discomfort and it seems to have changed from IBS-D to C. But I'm not 'straining' but there is a lot of bloating and I am quite sore. Yesterday was very bad with a lot of nausea too. Hate it. I'll try that product you suggested, if I can find it in the UK. Thanks again

10-23-2002, 12:25 PM
Hi Paul,

I am English by birth, but now living in the States and homeopathic remedies are sold in Boots the Chemist. They are more readily available in the UK than the States. I still order all my remedies from the homeopathic pharmacies in the UK.

Are you taking Metamucil? It is a water soluble fiber supplement that is safe to take twice daily. The English equivalent is Fybogel. Take it twice daily with lots of water. Also, start taking Probiotics to re-balance your gut flora. Friendly bacteria. This is sold as Acidophilis caps in health food shops. Make sure you buy it from the fridge though and take it twice daily on an empty stomach. Keep it in the fridge.

Also, try some relaxation techniques to try and reduce your stress levels.

Good luck