View Full Version : Could constipation cause a man to have difficulty urinating too?

01-15-2001, 11:15 AM
As my post topic states, I am wondering if anyone experiences or has experienced this also.

01-15-2001, 11:13 PM
Hi babesbarn,
I have never been constipated to the point where it has interfeared with urination.So,I talked to a friend today that has had all sorts of GI problems for 35 years.He said,that he has been constipated so bad at times that not only did it decreased his ability ---it hurt very much to urinate.

I read some medical ref. books about constipation and no references was made to urination except some kidney problems can cause constipation.

A problem that some men have with urination is caused by the prostate gland enlarging and narrowing the urethra reducing urine flow. I also think that if the last part of the colon is enlarged by being constipated ---it can put pressure on the prostate/urethra area and cause urination problems.
As you know some drugs can readily affect kidney function.
I think you need to have the problem checkout by a Doctor but I'm sure you already have--

01-16-2001, 05:31 PM
Yes thank you. The Gastroendorologist stated that it is very possible for the reasons you stated to have painful or difficulty urinating. He has recommended an entire treatment of blasting out the concret via that is already in there with a combination of stool softeners called-COLACE (over the counter and not cheap) twice daily. Also to put a glycerine supository inserted just as seated on the toilet to help lubricate the surrounding areas that may clam up just when ready to go ...it shuts down. Then he said follow the daily Melamucil-or Citricil_ with a chaser of water. And that should all do it. He made a prescription out also because for a entire year VIOX-Propulsid has been the culprit of my constipation. (unusual because it usually does the opposite-diarreah)
Anyyway a perscription for CONSTOLOSE was given to my husband to get him going too. Naturally drink PLENTY of water.
Already results are taking place as I speak. And with all that water intake, urination is often.
One last note...My husband was in such pain a year ago with this that he took an ambulance ride to the hospital. They shot him up with Demoral three times in a half hour. So believe me..it HURTS! thanks!