View Full Version : psyllium

11-23-2000, 09:18 PM
I am fairly new to the ibs board--so excuse me if you have anwered this question before. I am finding in other postings that psyllium is often mentioned. Is this good for both ibs c & d? I have both.

Angie E
11-23-2000, 09:40 PM
Yes, believe it or not it works for diarrhea as well! Sounds scary, but it does work. You might want to go to the old board (while it still exists) and read Harry's posts on fiber. I think he even had a post about the amounts he recommends. Metamucil is a good one. If you have diarrhea, it will form stools and if you have constipation it will relieve that as well. Give it a try...it can't hurt! Good luck!