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03-08-2001, 03:34 AM
Hi! My name's Charlotte and I'm 21 and I was wondering if there is someone out there that may be able to offer advice. I found a topic of interest in the old Healthboards website about possible links between IBS and thyroid.
I have just found out that I have a swollen thyroid gland and the symptoms that are associated with that I have been having for a few years. These include anxiety and stress, irritability, always feeling like crying, rapid mood swings, my metabolism sped up quickly and I lost a lot of weight for no reason, occasional heart palpitations and some panic attack symptoms.
Along with these symptoms I had occasional IBS symptoms in the following two year period - sudden bloating and gas after some food (but I could never work out a link) and some pain.

After another year of stress and a couple of life changes I began to have serious IBS symptoms - diarrhoea and constipation episodes, left hand side stomach pain, bloating and gas pain and 'bubbling' noises down lower and psychological effects - I was too scared to go to the doctor and felt scared going back to places where I'd had bad episodes.

Thankfully my homeopath found I was allergic to wheat and dairy and some associated amines and for the past year have been undergoing treatment for these - allergy desensitisations and diets and I am much improved. There's still the occasional bout but I feel better and know what to avoid usually (especially high fat processed foods with preservatives and pure wheat substances).

What I have been wondering is what sparked me off. I've heard that intense stress over a long period of time could cause IBS and I certainly was unnaturally stressed because of my thyroid gland. Could this have been a big factor in my body rejecting wheat and dairy which I was previously OK with?

Now I am having medicine (natural homeopathic) for this thyroid gland and am hoping that this'll settle it down. I am very stressed still at the mo and are having some other IBS similar symptoms including frequent urination (on bad days only about half an hour after going before).

Anybody else had any similar experiences?
Any advice?
Interested about use of the flaxseed oil for IBs too.
Thanks for all the topics of conversation here....really informative and helpful.

Thanks, Charlie

Angie E
03-08-2001, 07:21 AM
You are speaking my language. It sounds to me like you have Graves Disease and since you have a wheat allergy, I'd bet dimes to doughnuts that you possibly have Celiac Disease. There has been a direct link between Celiac Disease and Graves Disease and other thyroid disorders. Get to a Dr. immediately. Before you get out of bed in the morning, test your heart rate. If it's over 70 and you haven't even gotten up yet, get to a dr. immediately. If you do have Graves Disease, left untreated you could have serious heart damage. The weight loss is one of the major symptoms along with everything else you listed. In addition to all your symptoms, I also had severe vertigo. For the first 2 or 3 seconds the room spinning is kind of fun, but for the last 58 or so, it's kind of sickening. Please don't hestiate and get yourself to the dr. The severe diarrhea and bowel problems will probably be corrected as soon as you take care of the thyroid problem. With a thryoid problem, your bowel problems are do to excessive amount of thyroid hormone in your blood, not something wrong with your intestines. My bowel problems were a little better after my thryoid was removed and probably would have been perfect. Late last year I found out that I had Celiac Disease which is a gluten intolerance. Gluten is produced by many things but celiacs are allergic to basically wheat, rye, barley and oats. As soon as I took care of that, my diarrhea stopped completely. While doing tons of research, I found several articles linking Celiac Disease and Graves Disease along with several other thryoid and autoimmune disorders. Celiac is hard to test for and get an accurate reading, but since your dr. has discovered the wheat allergy, this should help. There are cures for Graves Disease, but not celiac. The only way to deal with Celiac Disease is a change in diet. Please, I beg you, get to a dr. and have the Graves Disease taken care of. I was 25 and almost had a heart attack. I had my thyroid removed and they were afraid I would have a heart attack on the table. You do not have to have surgery for Graves. There are other much less invasive methods. My resting heart rate, at night, was 110. I would sleep 1 hour out of every 72. Sleep deprevation will cause panic attacks too. Please, Please, Please, see an endrocinologist or have your primary care do a fasting thyroid test. Please let me know how it goes.

03-15-2001, 03:29 PM
Hi, thanks for writing that letter...it got me pretty worried and I finally went to a doctor doctor instead of my homeopath. I had a urine test and a thyroid (TSH test) and both were normal.(Sigh of relief - although the symptoms still happen sometimes.) The doctor thinks I am having anxiety problems which isn't that helpful as I only got anxious when I started to have these symptoms but it is true I've had a year and a bit of big changes...
Thanks for your help and I hope that you are feeling healthy.

Thanks, Charlie

Angie E
03-16-2001, 08:54 AM
Thank God! I'm so glad you are OK. At least now you know that it's not your thyroid and now you can work on the anxiety. What a relief! Hope you feel better soon!
Angie E