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08-26-2003, 01:52 PM
Has anyone took a 40mg tab of oxycontin and cut in half instead of taking the whole 40mg tab.I dont want to take this much oxy anymore but I dont want my Doctor to cut me back as of yet.
Another thing.. is anyone taking this pain med get tired after taking it.
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Autumn Angel
08-26-2003, 05:25 PM
Hi..I have never taken the 40mg tab of Oxycontin I was on the 20mg tab twice a day and the 10mg tab in the middle somewhere. I asked me doc instead of buying the 10mg tabs on top of buying the 20mg tabs (the price was killin me) if I could break a 20mg in half because I figured even if the drug did release all at once like docs fear when you break crush or chew them that it would only be 10mg anyway which is only like 2 percs which I take now anyway in the morning and evening and he said NO that it was dangerous to do that even know the amount of drug wasnt that high. So its not a good idea. I ended up buying the 10mg and eventually went off the Oxycontin altogether. I was on the percocet 5mg 1 tab 4 times a day for BT so when I went off the Oxy it wasnt so bad because I was taking the percocet. I am now at 6 percs a day and no oxycontin at all and it is working. So I went from 60 or 70 mg a day of oxycodone to the 30mg a day I am on now. I would ask your doc before doing anything cuz it could be dangerous even though its a lower dose. Good Luck and God bless.

08-26-2003, 05:41 PM

I use to take Oxycontin before being switched to methadone. I was taking 60mg 3xaday. Breaking them in half defeats the time release mechanism of this particular med and it won,t last the full 8-12 hours at all. I know that you want to take less of the med but you need to talk to your doctor about this and let him give you the right tapering schedule and the right doses of the med. As far as the tiredness of taking this med that may be due to you needing less medication to do the trick or it could be just a side that your body hasn't gotten use to. Again this is important for you Doctor to know because there are other alternatives that he can try. As in my case I never got over the drowsiness from the methadone and OxyIR that I take and I couldn't get by with lesser amounts of meds to relieve my pain and I also had some attention deficit issues as well. So my PM Doc Rxed me Focalin 10 mgs 2-3 times a day. Focalin is a cousin to ritalin. Not only has it made me more alert. I'm able to concentrate on things alot better and finish tasks better. And as far as being drowsy it no longer is a problem. It has also added to the pain relieving properties of my pain meds as well. I believe in total honesty w/your doctor when it comes to meds and dosage changes. It can just avoid alot of potential problems. I hope that I haven't offended you . I only wish the best for you and please keep us posted....


08-26-2003, 11:05 PM

I once broke a 40 mg tablet of Oxycontin by accident. When I put the pill in my mouth, it got stuck between my teeth. When I dislodged it, it accidentally broke. Nothing happened to me; I did not feel anything unusual, not even euphoria. However, everybody is different and I would not recommend that you break your tablets of Oxycontin.