View Full Version : Fainting Syncope - no diagnosis yet

10-23-2010, 02:10 PM
Since age 14 I have fainted when startled, shocked/surprised, or during/right after a tramatic event (physically or mentally). Started after a pretty bad concussion.

I have MVP that has given me year of ER visits before I learned to cope with that. Heart attack like symptoms and all. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis 20 yrs ago, Hypothyroid, Low BP, Low Pulse, Low body temp, low sodium serum blood levels, dizzy, clouded thoughts/concentration, out of body like feelings, forgetfull, oh and did I mention horrendous fatigue? ;)

Lately (past 3 weeks) I have had some doozies of heart attack like symptoms, aggressive and rapid succession, fainting, extreme dizzy - every day. Checked out with echo, holter monitor - besides pesky MVP no heart issues thankfully. So I am learning again to "deal" with heart attack symptoms but this FAINTING has gotten out of hand. Increased, AGAIN, my salt consumption and fluids intake now 1.5 gal daily (gatoraide)

I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and sleep deprivation both that I can attribute to working intensly stressful job that demands 18 - 20 hr work days - weekends as well....all just to get the work done. My panic button is pushed repeatedly while working (truly no letting off of it) all day while I am working.

So about this fainting. Now I faint when I stand up too quickly, or simply when I am visited by 2 or more friends, even happy emotions/laughing can make me swoon. It's embarassing to say the least. I usually get about 10 - 15 seconds advance notice that I am going down - so I drop to the ground and lay there until it passes. Showering in seated position is now a necessity.

Yesterday my GP prescribed Klonopin 2 x daily and some type of super sleeping pill for night. I slept last night for 6 hrs - first time in months.

GP tried giving me beta blocker to help with palps/chest pain/flipflps but that makes me pass out. Now GP is sending me for a tilt table test next week with a cardiologist.

Could this new/increased fainting be attributed to sleep deprivation, anxiety or both? I never fainted for the reasons I am now fainting and just want to STOP. I can deal with fainting once in while due to startle/surprise .... for crying out loud this is running my life...my job too.

Thanks for any insights.