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11-01-2010, 04:42 PM
What is there to look forward to?
13 -Yey..I'm a teenager
16 - Yey...I can drive!
18 -Yey...I'm an adult
21 -Yey...I can drink legally (drank from the age of 17)
25 -Yey....I feel more like an adult...I have bills and kids
30 - Yey...getting respect at work because I am not a kid
35 - Um...shoot, I'm almost at midlife....I'm a drunk now...and my kids are out of control...now I have more bills and more stress
40 - YUK...I'm old (I say this because when my b/f turned 40 and I was 29...He WAS old to me
41 - YUK...I'm a trainwreck from drinking and smoking so I quit drinking
45 - YUK...Still not drinking but smoking like a chimney and since I drank most of my life away...all the time I thought I was an adult...UM..no, I'm just growing up now
46 - (present)...YUK....what is there left to live for? What is there to look forward to? Is it the disease I will die from...OH...I have 50 to look forward too! OH-YEY.

Moral of the story...life goes by fast...I was always wishing for the next phase. Once I got to the next phase I would think the previous phase was better. Maybe I should be on the depression board?:dizzy:

11-02-2010, 12:54 AM
The following is an excerpt that really hit home once I read it over 2.5 years ago. It's from one of my favorite authors - Patricia Cornwell, and more or less sums up your last paragraph.
I've always waited for tomorrow, thinking tomorrow's going to be better.
THAT'S SURVIVAL!! If you don't think tomorrow or next year or the
year ater that will be better, WHY BOTHER??
You die because you no longer believe that what is ahead is better
than what is past!!!

To me, it says it all. I know pretty much what you are experiencing. My kids are on their own; Have this big, rambling house that is "empty"; Too old to find a job that will hire me. However, I do volunteer my time with terminally ill patients. They are the ones that actually KNOW FOR A FACT, that what is ahead is for sure not as good as the past.
So, Yeah, find something that makes you feel satisfied and "run with it"!

11-02-2010, 01:35 PM
I love this! Thank you.
When I read it...I realized I am in some sort of RUT or Depression.
I'm grateful you responded...gives me something to think about.