View Full Version : Help needed!Went to a Medium Burgundy Brown color and want to go back to normal color

12-27-2010, 05:07 PM
I made a huge mistake!! I decided to go for a change for the holidays. What I was wanting was a medium brown with carmel highlights but the lady at Sally's talked me into going to this Medium Burgundy Brown color. Let me tell you I absolutely HATE this color on me.(A lot of the family members said it looked nice) But I feel like its making me look washed out and sickly looking.:( I am usually a medium brown with medium to dark golden blonde highlights. I would like to go back to my color that I started out with or go with a medium brown with carmel highlights. Would I need to use a color lift before I started coloring or how do I go about doing this?:confused:

01-08-2011, 04:07 AM
I suggest you go back to Sally's and get the One 'n Only Colorfix hair color remover. Use that to remove the hair color; trust me, it works! I used it on my hair recently and it did a great job. I also tried the Ion one and it did not work.

Than after that dye your hair the brown that you actually want it to be. And finally add highlights. You can find everything you need at Sally's. I don't suggest that you get anything from the drug store as those products have never produced good results for me. Good luck!