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12-30-2010, 01:14 PM
A Russian scientist claims to have developed a "Fountain Of Youth Pill". It's still undergoing clinical testing so won't be available for about 2 more years. They think it might add a decade or two of extra years to a person's life.

To me it sounds somewhat like another attempt at a quick fix for those who eat nutritionally poor diets. If anything, it will likely encourage people to eat more processed junk than ever before. The reasoning will be, "I took my pill today so I can afford to have fun and eat this pizza, cake, ice cream, soda or whatever."

For those who already eat healthy diets, I doubt it will have much of an advantage. And, anyway, how would we know if it works? They would have to carry out a long term study with a test group and a control group. The study would only take about 100 years to see which group, on average, lives the longest. :p:)

If it turns out to be something that really works, that's great. But I'm not waiting for it; for me the fountain of youth is in fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and certain other whole foods. And don't forget exercise.

03-16-2011, 10:15 AM
Very interesting! I googled the topic and found this scientist has had success in the past. I wish him, and us, luck!

"Skulachev has already achieved acclaim in the scientific community for showing how antioxidants could double the lifespan of mice, and for creating eye drops that restored sight to blind horses, dogs, and rabbits. He even tested the drops on himself, successfully removing a cataract from one of his eyes. "