View Full Version : helping my hubby stop norco

01-09-2011, 12:56 AM
I'm new to the board... hoping to get advice on best way to help my husband stop norco. he's going from taking 10 pills a day (100mg) to 6 pills today, 4 pills tomorrow, and 3 pills monday and then we'll be out. any advice from someone who's gone through the detox of norco -- what is best for someone to do to help? we've both taken off work next week; I'm very very nervous! we have two young kids... I've stocked the fridge with waters, gatorade, etc, will get some movies for next week.... but I feel useless....

thanks for any advice on what to expect and how I could help!

01-11-2011, 01:06 PM
Well are you stopping or you and your hubby stopping? Sounds like both of you. Anyways. Stock up on those fluids gatorade and such that actually taste good. Your just gonna go through a mediocre-severe opiate withdrawl will be really annoying for 3 days (insomnia + skin crawling + jonseing ) 3 worst symptoms, oh yea and eyes watering and yawming/diahreaa.

Anyways I would try to obtain some ambien if your in the U.S. or Imuvanes in Canada for sleep because you don't sleep without a strong sleeping pill, and maybe some benzos for your restless leg/skin crawling.

If you want to go all natural get some vitamins, meal replacements, L-Tryrosene (blah wrong name someone will correct), soups, movies, and EXERCISE. probably the most important thing is exerice, even if its 20 situps and some jumping jacks or as much as you can do, ur gonna have the case of the f-its for sure in your mind but just force yourself. It helps with the back and to sleep.

Anyways hope i helped. good luck.