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02-10-2011, 07:30 AM
I saw a program yesterday where the woman looked like she had serious dark circles under her eyes similar to mine. I felt so sorry for her as I know how miserable it is to have them. The doctor on the show called them festoons which I guess is different than dark circles. He showed how with a lazer he went down far enough to new skin to take them away. When the lady walked out on stage I couldn't believe it, she didn't have them anymore. The doctor lives on the other side of the country, but I wouldn't hesitate to hop on a plane and pay out the bucks to be rid of them.

Has anyone ever heard of festoons? I don't know if I'm spelling it right or not. I have the terrible inherited dark circles or engorged blood veins showing through making it look like dark circles, I've tried EVERYTHING. I've even been told by doctors there is NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE. I was never told they were festoons but they look just like what the woman had before her lazer treatments. They make me so embarrassed, people ask me if I'm tired, and several people have told me to do something about them as though I haven't attempted. They don't believe nothing can be done. WHAT CAN BE DONE, PLEASE HELP.

03-07-2011, 04:25 PM
That was from the Dr. Oz show, right? You have your facts right, though you could google more information. You don't need a doctor from across the country, just a local board certified plastic surgeon to remove the festoons.

03-07-2011, 05:22 PM
I saw that on Dr. Oz too. The surgery was incredible with the before and after pics. She looked 25 years younger! Good luck with your search!

03-07-2011, 05:27 PM
Surgery can also take care of fat pads under the eyes. Some people try for years to remedy them with creams, but only surgery will fix the appearance. I understand its something people inherit genetically.