View Full Version : Rectal Cancer/Groin Lymph nodes - chemo reaction

02-21-2011, 04:26 PM
A year ago I had a growth removed from my vagina that ended up having rectal cancer cells. It has been a confusing case for my doctors. I had major exploratory surgery and nothing was found. They removed my ovaries and a benign growth on the transverse colon. My incision became infected so I had a sponge vac for about 3 months and during that time had radiation treatments and Breaky(sp) treatment. In addition I had a port with constant 5FU Chemo. They were able to get rid of the vaginal/rectal cancer. However, after 2 weeks of 5FU, I had a severe reaction and they stopped the chemo.
From the start I had a couple of swollen groin lymph nodes.
They recently biopsies them and were found to have cancer cells.

This is the problem, 5FU is the chemo they use to treat the lymph nodes. However my oncologist is concerned because I had such a severe reaction last time and the dosage was much lower than what they need to give me now.

Can anyone tell me about any clinical trials that have approached this with something else. He mentioned something about a chemo that directly attacks the tumor.

I am afraid I can't make it through this 5FU again - as is he.
Does anyone know anything about finding out about alternatives?
PS - I have a vaginal rectal fistula I have to have repaired first from the radiation. I am just afraid and hoping for something else.
Thanks, Anna