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03-01-2011, 03:50 AM
Just looking for some advice here. I'm just over a bad virus, I had it for 15 days and have been fine for three weeks. My symptoms began with shortness of breath so I was put on steroids po and then a steroid inhaler. Then my glands swelled up and I got aches everywhere coupled with extreme tiredness. I had full bloods done which showed raised white blood cells, Doc said he wasn't overly worried about this and that plenty of rest was all I needed.

So now approx five weeks after my first symptoms I'm feeling horrible again pounding headache, sore throat, tender glands, weak limbs, tired. I'm not looking for a diagnosis here, I'd just like to know if people think I should be calling the doctor at this stage? I'm not sure of symptoms like these are common when you're post viral and if I should just battle on? :S

03-01-2011, 05:00 AM
If it were me I would give the Dr. a call. Seeing your white blood count was a bit high, that means an infection, so you just might not be totally over what you had. There does seem to be a virus going around that doesn't want to leave and keeps coming back. I've had it 3 times on and off for over a month. Luckily haven't had to go on antibiotics, but some folks have.

If it's still viral then an antibiotic won't help but if it has turned into an infection, you might need a dose of them. Many times after a virus has left it could leave a secondary infection, so to me, better safe then sorry. For peace of mind I'd call and get an opinion from your Dr.

Hope you feel better soon.....JJ....:wave:

03-01-2011, 06:09 AM
Hi steroids lower the immune system usually. In most cases of people I really have not seen beneficial effects. Another health professional could be chosen of the herbalist but not acupuncturist variety in my opinon. I would use some good health measures also. Some citrus, potatoes, sweet pepper, foods might be a bit helpful and bay leaf teas every 6 hours. A couple leaves put in water just boiled and steeped for 20 minutes might be useful, it was said to help prevent smallpox in the days before the vaccines were invented. Because of the steroids there may also now be a bacterial infection. Have a nice day! :wave: