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03-15-2011, 11:05 PM
every time i do any type of exertion /work different than a normal day, I cannot recuperate at what i think a normal healthy person would. for example I went with a friend to an event where there was a lot of walking.several blocks for about 3.5 hours not constant walking but more than i would normally do, and for the next 2 1/2 days my legs, back calves stiffened me up and i could barely walk , it was cold but i had long under wear on but still the time recuperating was very long. Another example: i play in a band with other band members and we practice about 4 hours . the day afterwards the same body aching issue happens ,and im not recuperating fast enough in my opinion. its ruining my ability to have a quality life. I am an insulin diabetic w/ high blood pressure, and Asthma, Barrets esophagus, they did say a while ago I have several bulging Discs in my spine from an MRI about a couple a years ago . Is my Warranty runnin out Im only 53 yrs old ?

03-16-2011, 10:19 AM
When did you have a complete physical last? You do have a couple of health issues which I assume your on meds. for, could it be a side effect from meds.? I also have a few buldging discs and although it has been a slight problem over the years I notice as I get older it bothers me more. Just trying to walk a mall for a couple of hrs. now bothers me, especially if it is cold out.

As Jen said, CFS is a possiblily. Maybe a good physical is in order. Sometimes the legs bothering you could also be low Potassium, many people get cramps in their legs from it. Do your legs feel heavy or just very sore? Don't forget as we get older the old body tend to slow down. We hate to admit it, but it happens.

Best wishes...JJ...:wave: