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cassey 1
05-21-2011, 08:02 AM
hi all,im new to this forum.i was wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms, and if so how did they cope. up until 4yrs ago i was a fit and healthy woman, i went to the gym every morning. i was like what my friends say the wind, you couldn't catch me lol. anyway over the past 4years my problems have esculated.it all started with a pain in my hand, it was a tingling sensation i got tested not carpol tunnel.then the same happend over time in my other hand. then i started to get tingling in my toes followed by shooting pain in my left foot, then again over time i got cramps in my left leg. mainly at the top. 3yrs had past by now. im on all pills and poshions that dont help me.at the very start i had mri /head,lumber spine, and l.puncher showed wear-tear arthritis 2 bulging disk lower back. my problem now 4yrs later my feet are in so much pain, the shooting pains wake me from sleep.i have this in both feet now and walking is limited.

06-20-2011, 05:10 PM
Oh thats awful. Is the back problem pressing on nerves or something?? Have you asked a chiropracter?

07-10-2011, 04:32 AM
I feel your Pain Casey.....While ive had Back surgery in the past, I was a mostly Healthy Tile contractor...Ive dealt with back pain for quite some time but about 4 years ago things started to go awry....First it was a Stomach Ulcer followed by unexplainable point specific pains all over my body..arms, legs, back etc.....Ive known i had some arthritis in my back but suddenly about a year ago things got bad and i got Bursitis in hips and shoulders that never seems to go away completely....At times its very bad and other times its tolerable....4 days ago i woke up with severe pain in my feet. It was as if I had Broken my arches. Now this was in BOTH feet mind you... I went to Doctor and he said Plantar fascitus ( or tendinitus of the feet) I had tendinitus of the forarms years back that took over a year to heal...He said 3 weeks minimum for this.
In the past year i have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and am waiting on Blood results for other news...I am 52 years old and Life has gone to the dogs..I have not been able to work for near on a year now and have lost a good business i spent 25 years building.....My doctor aksed me if God was mad at me....Even he cant believe my misfortunes.....The huge problem comes in that I cant even use any anti inflams due to the Ulcer.....This causes severe problems with managing the arthritis and Bursitis pain...........Depression of course goes along with the above problems..Depression and fatigue...I sleep in 3 hour blocks at best....I am waiting for Anyone to tell me things will improve but as yet have not received any encouragement from Doctors.....I Feel your pain.............:(