View Full Version : Rare Diaphragm Deterioration

06-07-2011, 01:21 AM
My sister, aged 25, has a VERY rare problem (well it is in England)
Her diaphragm jammed and twisted now it is getting dangerously thin.

The docs are at a loose and as they do not know what to do, there have only been 4 known cases in the UK.

They have told her that if the Deterioration continues at its current rate she has only got a MAXIMUM of 12 months to live.

This is not fair she is 25, and has her whole life ahead of her..........
she is not just my sister but my BEST friend.
please SOMEONE out there must now of SOMETHING.

They cannot perform the op at this stage as the odds are to high (against her) (50/50)

Sandbag breathing would not work, and they have attempted muscle strengthening

please please help as i cannot lose my sister.