View Full Version : LPR challenge/test/for the forum...The "Cure"

06-19-2011, 04:39 AM
In the time I have been on here I have recognised that members have felt that they may have found their cure to LPR....but subsequently they are back a few weeks or months later with symptons.

I can definitly say that I have had some stints - never longer than 2 months at a time where my symptons have been minimal.

But you do read a "cure" story - and I am the first to admit and be a skeptic that one will return to the forum in a short period. One will naturally want to know what the cured person is now taking in terms of medicine or lifestyle change and want to consider trying it themselves.

However - I would be interested in any members that have now been LPR free for a minimum of 1 year now. The response rate I am sure will be low, afterall, if you are cured - why come back to the forum - buts lets see.....

If you are LPR free for 1 year - then I am genuinely all ears....