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07-01-2011, 10:46 AM
I have gerd and a hiatal hernia for about 5 yrs now. About 4 months ago noticed a feeling of something in my throat with constant throat clearing. Got nervous and did online research! Got even more freaked out once I did that. Suspected esophogal cancer and had an upper scope done by my GI doc about 2 months ago. Results came back neg on cancer but did have esophgitis and gastrits. Been taking my meds but still have feeling in throat and also bad breath and left ear pops when I burp or hiccup. Wife thinks I am just paranoid but im just worried!! I don't have ins. & can't afford to see an ENT. Don't know if its all in my head or not. Wife is a reg. Dental hyg and said my lymph nodes in neck feel fine. I used to smoke and drink on occaison and I think thats what worries me! Throat dosen't hurt when I swallow just feels like something stuck in there. Also had wbc count and came back 4.8 I take nexium 40mg 2x daily for four months now. I don't watch what I eat or drink and will now change all that. Is it common to have ear pain and popping with gerd? Feeling of something in throat that won't come out? Jaw pain, bad breath, neck pain?
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07-04-2011, 12:16 PM
The symptoms of AR/GERD seem to vary from person to person. I have it and have the lump in the throat sensation which bugs me arhh... horrible. I also have Hiatal Hernia and that causes me breathing problems.
My Dr has given me Nexium, haven't tried it yet. Are you finding any relief with Nexium.I have problems swallowing anything at the moment.
Have you spoken to your Dr about the pains in the Jaw and Neck, I think you should. It may be related /may not. Get peace of mind !! Good Luck, Solofelix.