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07-03-2011, 03:54 AM
So, for the better part of the last couple years I've been dealing with LPR symptoms without any results. VERY frustrating. I suffer from PND, and lump in my throat. No cough. The PPIs do help, but don't make it go away (I've taken 1 prevacid or prilosec daily--taking 2 doesn't seem to help any more than 1). It mostly affects me a few hours after eating (which is why I've always thought it was reflux). Nighttime is actually my best time--I always feel wonderful in the morning--thank goodness for that.
I've seen an ENT who diagnosed me based on red, swollen looking vocal chords. At the time I'd been on PPIs for a year and he thought it was unusual that I hadn't had total relief, so he put me on allergy meds too (allegra). They helped a little but again, didn't make it go away. I'm dumbfounded and getting a bit frustrated with this. Could it be stress/throat tension? Does this happen to anyone? I've noticed my symptoms are way worse when I'm stressed. Oddly enough, the only time I've had relief from this was when I was pregnant with my daughter--a time when a person would think reflux would be the worst! I'm 112 lbs, don't drink or smoke--taking all these meds is really having terrible some terrible affects on my body.:dizzy:
Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks!

07-03-2011, 07:54 AM
I'm sorry I can't offer advice, just that I'm in somewhat of the same boat. The only difference is I have mild heartburn to go along with it. I also have PND at times, no cough but I have throat/neck tightness, like a tension. My anxiety makes it worse, I know. Like you I don't have a problem at night and the mornings are the best time for me. It usually starts up after I eat breakfast. Reluctantly, I've gone back to the Aciphex after almost a year off. Don't know where I'll go from here.

I hope you find resolution. :)

ihate this
07-03-2011, 11:20 PM
sallyz..hey..been in the same boat for about 6 years now and i am only 22 very frustrating..i want my life back so bad.
i have just recently been diagnosed with l.p.r after 6 years of dizziness and not being able to breathe good at all, can't even run anymore, cronic sinus infections, pnd, lump in the throat, and going through one e.n.t 5 years ago that removed my adneoids and toncils because they were so swollen and he didn't even diagnose me. I have since learned l.p.r was a probable cause of the toncils and adneoids being so enlarged. I also don't get any relief from any p.p.i i have ever taken once or twice a day and i absolutely hate the side effects. I have managed to get by over the years despite the breathing problems and have had 2 wonderful boys in the mean time, the weird thing is i also didn't have as many problems while i was pregnant with either child. I was so scared with my past experiences with it that when i got pregnant i wouldn't be able to breathe at all but i was fine the entire pregnancy. i have an 8 month old and just recently had gallbladder surgery and my l.p.r has been so flared i have been out of work 4 weeks total 2 was automatically from surgery but the other 2 has been l.p.r. My breathing is back so bad i can barely walk around and breathe good. I am so frustrated and so sick of drs apps i don't know what to do anymore.....

07-05-2011, 10:44 PM
Thanks for the replies!
i hate this--I've always thought the strangest thing about this whole reflux thing was that it went away during pregnancy. If it's due to a weak LES valve it should get much worse during pregnancy, right? Actually, I did suffer the first trimester but then like magic when my second trimester hit it went away until I was 3 months postpartem. It's got to be hormone related I think.
I do know for sure anxiety makes it worse. I just for the first time this past weekend had a panic attack (went to the ER and was given a sedative and the whole bit:dizzy:). I was having a lot of nausea/regurgitation during the attack and as soon as the anxiety meds kicked in--gone. Maybe I'm on to something here. Anyone else experience this?

07-13-2011, 01:14 AM
Its PVN bro. Nerve pain. I went through the same thing. Currently on Gabapentin and Elavil and the pain is 90% better.