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07-04-2011, 12:21 PM
Hi, I am new to this board. I am living in a house that had 4 mold out breaks where we gutted our basement and bathroom down there and lived through two years of sewer pipe funes untul they found the cracks and replaced the pipes. My roof started leakibg in our bedroom this winter and we ended up with 4 buckets dripping behind my computer (I am a writer). I have had sensitivites from PPD hair dye last year and CFS, Fibro, etc.
We had to wait till 2 months ago for a new fiberglass roof. Chest still okay. They opened a small part of my ceiling and wood exposed (some mold) and I woke up tight. They gutted ceiling and bleached it ti kill the mold and new insulation and drywall and Natura paint. The paint was tainted and went thru our whole house bu tNO tight chest. We went to a hotel for 2 weeks and the carpeting bothered me alot but could still breath.
M ycontracotr gutted again (bedroom ceiling) and used (I reseached w my husband) non formadehyde insulation called John Mansvill, new air drywall and ECCO paint. Well the eCCO paint was what did it.
I had been back home sleeping with NO problem upstairs in my daughters old bedroom and one the "green" no VOC paint primer went up and then the reg paint my chest closed like a vice.
I had to use (ist time) a bronchial dilator with no steriods yesterday and stayed at my daughters apt...slept 2 hrs on her sofa and by 10PM after using the spray 1X....I seemed fine and went back home.
Our bedroom still smells very bad. It shoots up my sinuses. The manufacturer said to keep the windows open just ONE day because of the high humidity...then close it and let the central AC take the smell away so it will cure.
I used the dilator at 10am -I am in my basement and in alot of distress. Chest muscle pain and very little air. The tightness causes my muscles to be sore. I used the dilaor a 2nd time at 1pm and it has not worked.
The humidity in our bedroom was 55 percent and it smells quite bad chemically. I feel my husband was correct to close wht ewindows and dry out the upstairs fo rthis green paint to cure...but I do not know what to do until the smell goes and it is not allergic to me.
With all my autoimmune illnesses and chemical sensitivites and alleriges I do not want to live on a dilator -which hardly owrks because the paint still is not curing-all advice will be welcome. Thanks, Louise