View Full Version : Esophogeal stricture and Barium Swallow

07-23-2011, 08:17 AM
Maybe I'm posting this on the wrong board. If so, please let me know.

About a month ago, I had surgery on my spine. A couple of days later, I developed a nasty case of pneumonia. The panic in the middle of the night led to my spending a couple of days in ICU. The doctors seemed to think that the pneumonia was caused by me aspirating something during surgery -- sometime during the intubation process. I was told to get a Barium Swallow to see if I had esophogeal stricture.

Now I've had surgery before with no such problems. I had emergency surgery back in February and had no problems or mentions of esophogeal abnormalities. I haven't had chronic heartburn since I weighed about 100 lbs. more than I do now about 10 years ago. Prior to my June surgery, I had noticed a little more trouble with heartburn and some issues with swallowing (I seemed to have liquid "go down the wrong way" enough times that my wife commented on it). Has anyone ever had something like this occur? Is it possible for changes to occur without any real heartburn or other significant (at least to me) symptoms? And what is it the doctors are looking for in the Barium Swallow?

Thanks for your help. The problems from the spinal fusion have really dominated my thinking since surgery, but I'd hate to ignore this other issue and have it turn out to be something serious.