View Full Version : 4 weeks post op

08-02-2011, 06:34 PM
i am now 4 weeks post op partial stomach wrap(270) with a large hiatal hernia repair; i am struggling with leftsided stomach pain, nausea, swelling, of course an inability to eat what i want but am doing ok in that dept., been living on ensure, potatoes, squash, puddings, jellos, applesauce, ravioli, drinks, shakes; can't wait to have a cheeseburger; my problems include still feeling shortness of breath sometimes for example in the shower, have some sort of infection with sinus and respiratory symptoms that i just can't shake, have tried zpack which didn't work and will start augmentin tomorrow; sweating a lot and scared there is something really wrong inside me and feel like my body is trying to fight off something; just can't use my stomach muscles yet to bring up the congestion and can't cough; have sinus and chest symptoms, headache, dizzy, severe congestion like my head is in a ball of congestion, want to gag and cough but don't and can't; lots of drainage; feel totally drained and very run down and can't sleep due to pain and sinus problems; c surgeon in 3 days for 5 week checkup; should i b worried about the sweating and shortness of breath?; admit it, was not prepared at all for what post op was going to b like and this has thrown me for a loop;

in about 2 1/2 weeks wanted to surprise my son with a 1200 mile roadtrip to disney but as the only driver, with all the sitting and how i'm feeling, don't think we will make it; am i crazy to think about driving to florida at only 7 weeks post op with all my complications just to give my kid and i another awesome family memory?; selfish i know.