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08-07-2011, 06:09 PM

I am a 29 Year old healthy and active male. Since March I have been having what feels like tightness in my upper chest and lower throat. At first I thought I was just starting to get sick (I have Asthma and whenever I catch a cold, this is what happens) However, it didnít go away after 3-4 weeks and I didnít end up getting sick.

I went to my Asthma & Allergy specialist where he did a pulmonary function test, which turned out good. He prescribed me prednisone and an antibiotic just in case in was an infection. They did not work.
I then went to my General Doctor who did a chest x-ray (pneumonia), EKG (Heart), and Blood work. All turned out normal. He figured it was acid reflux getting into my airways and put me on Omperzole (20mg 2x daily).
I was on the PPI for three months without any improvement. I have completely changed my diet (no caffeine or carbonation, chocolate, fatty foods, etcÖ). I donít eat three hours before bed and NO IMPROVEMENT. Been doing this for at least 3 months.

The doctor scheduled an endoscopy, which came back negative for acid reflux. However, he did find a small Hiatus Hernia. They also did a CT scan of chest and abdomen, which came back negative. The Hiatus Hernia was small enough that it didnít show up on the CT.

Went back to my food and allergy doctor to do food allergy tests and I do have a small allergy to Soy. He thinks there is only a 10-20% chance this is causing my problems, but wants me to go off Soy for a month.
The doctor thinks the Hiatus Hernia is making my LES relax, which allows acid into my airways. Why donít I get heartburn then? Why didnít the endo show signs of reflux? If my airways are closing off because of a reaction to the acid, why did my pulmonary function test turn out fine? Why doesnít the PPIís work? Sorry for venting.

My question is, has anyone else experienced this or no someone that has. It is driving ME NUTS. Itís not that I canít breathe. The doctors say I am getting a full breath and my lungs sound good. It just feels like someone is sitting on my chest. This is the symptom that I have (Although I should mention that sometimes I feel like my food isnít being digested)

Some people have tried to tell me that it is anxiety, but I donít feel anxious. I have no reason to be sad or depressed. I have a great family, great job, and have lots of fun. This is ticking me off!!!! Please help.

08-08-2011, 09:32 AM
Unlike you, my endoscopy showed acid reflux although like you, I had never had heartburn or acid indigestion. As a result the acid reflux apparently went untreated for a long time. I was only diagnosed after experiencing difficulty swallowing, lump in the throat and tightness in the throat. I take a PPI (although I don't know that it has helped me any). The last few weeks, I have felt the same way with my chest. It's actually pretty painful at times and is more like a weight or pressure, particularly in the morning. It does seem to improve as the day goes on but never really goes away. I don't seem to be short of breath or anything like that as I can always seem to get plenty of air. I talked to my GP about it just last week and he attributed it to the reflux and said this was pretty common in those who suffer from this condition. But I don't know........ He also prescribed anti-depressants but I have not gone that route either. I don't think I need or want to.

Hope you get some relief and if you run across the "magic potion" that seems to work for you, please let us know.

08-08-2011, 09:48 AM
I think the reason I didn't show any acid reflux is because I had been on the PPI for quite a while. For about 10 years I have had the occasionl problem with swallowing where food gets stuck. It got really bad around October of last year to the point I didn't dare eat in public anyomore. Someone told me to start taking a PPI because it was acid reflux. I didn't believe them because I wasn't getting heartburn. I got on the PPI anyways and after 2-3 weeks my swallowing problem all but dissappered. Everything was great until the chest tightness started in March.