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12-12-2000, 04:56 PM
I had this paralyzing syndrome just over 4 years ago. It was awful. I have some residual side effects, but am doing very well. Have you or do you know someone who has had this? It's devastating and I don't wish it on anyone...

Steel Magnolia
01-05-2001, 12:48 PM
Kathryn.....I know someone who had this and we thought he was going to die. The doctors felt that this was a direct result from a flu shot he was given. AND...when he was in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down for several weeks...four other people in the hospital at the same time diagnosed with same condition...all resulting from a flu shot. Three of those people died. After leaving the hospital he was put in a rehabilitation facility for many months. He's recovered now with a few side effects....but what an AWFUL experience.

01-08-2001, 08:08 PM
Hi Steel Magnolia... you are so right. It was an awful experience. I thought it was over for me. I did go and live in a rehab hospital for a while, it did a lot of good because I had constant thereapy. My whole life was nothing but fighting this awful thing. And, I did with all my might. I only have problems with my feet a bit as residual effects. I however got my GBS from a Filthy air contidioner in a hotel room when we were traveling (having Lupus even made me more suseptible to getting this as well). I knew immediately the morning I woke up from that place, something was wrong. Needless to say, I have been told I can never have a flu shot though... so I take lots of vitamins and do my best to keep my immune system up and running good.

Thanks for sharing with me... it's a tough subject.

05-21-2008, 12:51 AM
I know your post is old but my nephew was told he had gbs yesterday. Is this what you have? How are you now?
One Dr. says he has it & one says no. They want to filter his blood.
Any info would be much appreciated.