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09-03-2011, 07:13 PM
We have been together for 10 1/2 yrs(not legally married) and we have 3 children 2 of them are in elementary school.
I knew he was an addict when we met but he was clean then so i really didn't know what i was getting into.
He was good for 5 yrs then 1 of my children was in a terrible accident and needed pain pills I also had a very sick baby at the same time, I then couldn't find the bottle of pills but considering i was barely sleeping i just assumed i misplaced them somewhere until i went looking for a phone cord and found where he stashed the empty bottle. He admitted it and said he wouldn't do it anymore & i thought it was over but that was just the beginning of a long terrible road for all of us. He went to rehab 2x and seemed to be good for a few mths except for the last year when he's only been clean a few weeks at a time.
In this last year he has spent thousands of dollars on his opiates and the funny thing is he is on Subutex which also costs about $300 a mth incl. doctor fee.
I have numerous holes in my walls and just recently he broke our bedroom door as i was getting my little girl to leave. He says terrible things to me,calls me names in front of the kids like C*nt,b*tch,*****,stupid,idiot,dumbass etc.
He has spit in my face 4 times and the one that really scared me is when i told him to "shut the F up" and he got up grabbed the laptop came over to me on the couch threatening to hit me with it, i was curled up on couch as he laughed as he pretended he was gonna hit me & the day before he splashed boiling water with a fork at me and 1 drop burned the corner of my eye.
I got my older daughter out of the shower and ready to go to the doctor, he actually said to her on the way out" i hope you don't grow up to be a c8nt like your mother". He has been unemployed for a yr and now we are losing our house as we can no longer pay it and support his habit.
He just spent the last $900 we had. He is the biggest lier, manipulator i have ever met and after 5 yrs i am DONE!
The problem is I am a stay at home mom and have no income of my own and have not wrked in 10yrs so i can't just pick up and move and although i wish i could I have nowhere to go. I feel like i live in a insane asylum with all his personalities it;s really crazy!
So i ask for any advice and thank you for reading this, sorry it is so long
Thank you :)

09-03-2011, 07:34 PM
He needs help but will not get it because he thinks that he does not have a problem, right? Is there a shelter in your community? Have you sought help at any of the local churches? They may be able to find resources/what-to-do, that would be a start. Or maybe you can contact your local welfare office-they may have resources to help you. Get your head together-if you have family they may certainly help you once you do decide to take control of your life and start over. More power to you, as this will probably be the hardest thing you ever had to do. I tell you from my own experience--you can do it!