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09-22-2011, 07:34 AM
I have a sliding hiatal hernia and GERD, is there anyone else out there who also has both these problems? I also every so often get a pain that starts on the right side of my gut and radiates back to between my shoulder blades and lasts off and on for about an hour or so. does any one suffer with that as well.

One other thing has anyone when diagnosed had thick mucousa and hoarseness and coughing?

i would love to correspond with anyone who has these issues. I am currently on 40 mg 2 times per day of omeprazole and a strick low fat diet. Thank you.

09-22-2011, 09:53 PM
Yes I have both GERD and sliding hiatal hernia. I would like to correspond with you but it's getting late now. For now I'll just say that I've had GERD for years and have been taking Nexium for two years. I had an Upper GI and then endoscopy in August. I have a lot of reflux, inflammation and they removed a small stomach polyp. I never had stomach pain before the endoscopy but I have had stomach pain, nausea, gurgling and gas since the endoscopy. Both the Gastroenterologist and my PCP are blowing me off. I've been eating things like toast and pudding the last week because I feel so lousy. How do you feel?

09-23-2011, 07:20 AM
If the pain started after the endo, I would suspect the area where the polyp used to be is irritated. Ask/demand LIQUID Carafate from the doc. Use that 2x to 4x daily prior to meals for 4-8 weeks and I would almost guarantee that will help the irritation subside. Request 10 to 20 ML. They removed the polyp, leaving a cut that cannot heal due to acid in your stomach.

10-23-2011, 09:43 PM
Yes I totally feel your pain. I was diagnosed with a small Hiatal Hernia in 1998. I was told that I drink way too much pepsi and needed to stop the caffeine, well I tried but still drank until 2 months later I felt like I couldnt swallow like something was in my throat bad pain in chest felt terrible, was only around 29-30 years old but still since the pain was bad hubby took me to the er.

Well come to find out it was my hiatal hernia and I had a Duodenal Ulcer. they put me on prevacid and a strict diet, at the time I didnt need to lose any weight so it wasnt caused from my weight.

at that time I was so scared of it happening again I went off all caffeine cold turkey and I havent had it since, thats any soda and chocolate, ooh trust me there are things out there that say they are chocolate and they are not ie: butterfingers, lots of choc ice cream, some cocoa's, reeses pieces so I have had my share of yummy goodies, but I am very strict at knowing the contents of the item. its been 13 years since I have put caffeine in my body. I dont take many things but daily vitamin mostly drink water and a occasional caffeine free sprite.

Back to my story well kinda just had problems with what I ate and controlled my issues with what I ate. since then I have had several barium swallows, endos, ultrasounds etc. not until 1-2011 i started getting new symptoms.
Pain still in the chest area and what i mean its like soreness in chest area burning behind chest wall , pain in shoulder blades and bloated stomach, felt like my stomnach was full just after small meal.

Well in feb 2011 they did barium, came out delayed emptying of stomach and small hiatal hernia. then they did a ultrasound and thats where they said my gall bladder was yucky.

had it removed via 1 incision in the belly button, no others in stomach just one incision new way they are doing it now. (laproscopic) on 3/25/11. felt pretty good the first month or so and thought wow I have this beat. til it came back pain in between the shoulder blades with any food just eating. doesnt last long but its there.
Now i feel like my stomach is pushed up and its not hard to breath just feels like I am overstuffed when I am not. pains in chest area.

I have had all tests done to rule out heart and blood tests come out normal.
I am now gonna start taking omperazole 20mg 1 hour before breakfast.
anyone out there have any advice. its so ncie to know I am not alone

05-01-2012, 01:38 AM
This sounds like it could be gall bladder pain. Proton pump inhibitors have been linked to gall bladder dysfunction. I was having INTENSE pain similar to what you described about once per month for 10 or twelve hours straight when I was on Nexium. The Doctors wanted to take out my gall bladder after a HIDA scan revealed that it exhibited low motility. I went to 20mg of omeprazole 2X daily and the pain totally stopped.

05-02-2012, 06:19 AM
My hiatal hernia is sliding also; I also am a chronic GERD sufferer. I've read that 40% of people who suffer from GERD will have a hiatal hernia.

My Nissen fundoplication/hernia repair is scheduled for May 25 of this month. I am totally dependent on PPI medication; hopefully, I will be able to stop taking it after my surgery. I could stand to take more than I actually do; financial constraints keep me from taking what I 'feel' that I should be taking.

Wishing you well!