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11-07-2011, 12:59 PM
My son has been 'stealing" my pain pills on and off for a couple of years, and buying off the street.Every since I caught on to him I no longer breing my meds home. He has admitted to snorting heroin when he couldn't get into my pills or any opiates off the street.( one "ticket a day..20 dollars worth ) He now is forced into withdrawing as he has no money at all to buy any thing from the streets and no way to earn any money either. I refuse to give in to his pleas and give him 'nibbles " of my pain meds to help him through his days. He says he has a few pills left he got from somewhere that he can nibblle on for a few days. IS it better for him to nibble in small amounts or try a quick taper ? He does has a script for tramadol that he can take which I told him is better than nothing at all. I did make sure he had juice , yogurt and Immodium on hand for the first few days. He has taken Opan Er 10-20 mg, 15-3 mg oxycodone a day so it isn't a HUGE amount
I have read about detax and it appears he may be uncomfortable for a few days but he shold be OK.

11-08-2011, 04:22 PM
Hello mommakat

Welcome to the board, although I am sorry it is under the circumstances you are facing. It is very painful to see our child in such a state.

I think the first thing I would say to you, gently, is that you can probably double or triple the amount of drugs you son admits to using. As addicts, we always try to downplay the amount of whatever we are ingesting. Son is probably in for a rough withdrawal. In my opinion, he needs to be under medical supervision in an inpatient or outpatient detox program that includes mandatory meetings and aftercare. "Nibbling" on Tramadol does not seem wise... although it is not technically an opiate, it hits the same receptors and for an addict it might as well be an opiate. The inserts with the medication itself warns of addiction in those already prone to it.

There is a thread, second one on this board, titled, "Sample Home Detox." No matter how we choose to detox, it offers some good information.

For you, I would strongly suggest that you start attending Al-anon or Nar-anon meetings to understand more about his addiction and gather information from those who have walked, or are walking, in your shoes. A quick look in the front of a phone book or online search will have listings of where and when for meetings.

I wish you well as Son strives for sobriety.
All good wishes