View Full Version : Gas / bloating for 4 months, now loose stools today. Please give me some ideas

11-27-2011, 09:31 AM
For Aug and Sept I had gas (flatulence) after lunch for several hours. In October it started getting worse, happening after my first meal of the day and last until I defecated the next morning. After I started probiotics the gas, which was so easy to come out, now just stays built up inside me and causes severe gas pains. Some days it does come out and I feel great, besides the gas. But the only time the bloated gas comes out is when I lay down for a while turning side to side. By morning, once I relieve myself the gas is gone until I eat whatever I eat for the day.

If I only eat protein I don't have this issue - as I can eat eggs etc for breakfast and not have issues until 4-5 hours after lunch.

2 days ago I had apple pie and a few hours felt diarrhea-like pains. They were getting better and today I just had very loose stools (not watery) and the pain has subsided. Usually my stools are regular, normal, and at the same time each morning. Although, lately they have looked normal but they were 'wet' when wiping.

I am wondering if this could be fructose malabsorption or something else?