View Full Version : Do I have IBS ? cancer ot what ?

11-29-2011, 01:07 AM
I have been having anal itch almost daily for the past 3 years or so.

Last year I did my second open surgery for my stomach hernia and after that my bowel movement changed dramatically, severe bloating of my abdo (I am 44yrs male and look literally like a 9month preganant woman)

Barium enema showed several diverticula and spasms but did colonoscopy 2 weeks after and found nothing.

2 weeks ago I had an urge to go to the bathroom and noticed 2 stains of blood on the paper but that was only on that particular occassion.

Am worried as things started happening after my open fundoplication and this itching is making me crazy and I know that my bowels are not functioning as supposed to be...