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12-03-2011, 06:54 PM
I feel fortunate to have found this site. I need advice or fellow scolosis sufferers. I am 37 and I was diagnosed with Scoli at 14 or so. Then, I was at about 26% curvature. Which the doctor said it wouldnt get any worse. I am not at 46% (Or something in the 40's). I has increased terribly. I have been to about 6 different doctors including a neuro doctor in hopes he would tell me he could fix my curve. Well, he told me he couldnt. I have idiopathic scoli and if he performed surgery, I would become immobile. The curve is upper and in a spot where I am able to flex and move. If he performed surgery I wouldnt be able to move very well, if at all. All these doctors just keep telling me is that there is nothing we could do. It is degenerative (I think).
In the last 6 or so months I have constant pain. It is almost hard to breath, and my chest sometimes hurts. I feel that could be because it is now twisting. Is there anyone on here that can help me think of somethings I could do to relieve the constant pain? The doctor has given me mobic (which is a anti inflammatory, not narcodic) I hate taking meds. So, I avoid it as much as I can. Sometimes I take 16 or so Ibuprophen a day. Or 4 Aleve. Nothing works anymore. Help? Maybe? Thank you.;)

02-23-2012, 11:43 AM
hello, you need to see a scoliosis specialist at Rush university. Dr. Christopher Dewald.That is in Chicago, I don't know where you live. He treats young and old for Scoliosis. Hope that helps

02-23-2012, 04:51 PM
16 Ibuprofin a day? That could be really hard on your stomach and liver..please tell your doctor the amount of OTC drugs you're taking.

I have low scoliosis with arthritis and stenosis. My doctor has me on a narcotic and he watches the meds like a hawk. He ups them as I get worse. I have to Specialists who won't do anything because I may never walk again so I fully understand why your doctor is leary of surgery.

Please talk to your doctor about getting on the right meds and have him monitor your intake.

Do you have a Brace? if not then try one and see if it helps.

I hope you feel better soon:angel: