View Full Version : Worrying too much

01-06-2012, 05:06 AM
In May of last year I decided to change my diet and lose weight for the better. I totally changed my diet and joined the gym.

Obviously I am aware that when a huge diet change happens your digestive system takes a while to get used to it. I had some constipation which I can remember to this day and pin point the date. I squeezed and heard gas and when I looked round there was a small blood splatter on the toilet. Small amounts of blood appeared after each BM for a couple of days and cleared up with some germaloids cream. Normal BM resumed but I did have some gas pains but this passed, I put this down to the new diet and increased fruit and fibre.

Flash forward to New Years eve just gone and when I woke up I went to the toilet and slighting strained but there was much more blood. This carried on for a few days. But BM were normal color and no blood in them. The blood seems to come after the stool and dribbles into the pan.

I made a doctors appointment and she carried out a rectal exam with her finger (ouch) and also pressed really hard on my stomach to check for inflammed organs. Nothing alarmed her and she said its more than likely an internal pile that is ruptured causing the bleeding. She prescribed some suppositries which I am taking after each bowel movement and before bed.

I had a BM again today and it was very loose and then once again a little dribble of blood came out ( a lot less than past few days)

I am getting worried about the loose stools though? could this be down to new years healthy eating and the intake of more water and fibre? Stomach seems a bit more growly as well.

I generally fell well and I have no abdominal pain and I still have an appetite.

Should I wait till after I have used all 24 suppositiries and see if the bleeding has stopped?

I think the worrying is cause the tummy problems - just need some re-assurance from people who have had similar problems.

I am 25 and in relatively good shape.