View Full Version : IBS/ lactose intolerance/ severe nausea?

01-14-2012, 03:11 PM
Hi. I'm 20 years old. Recently(June of 2011) I had really bad food poisoning but it wasn't until Late September that it turns out I had a horrible parasite infection. I was in the hospital in July and all they told me was that it's stress from my wedding being so soon. They were wrong. I've had two types of antibiotics to get rid of the parasite, I was allergic the first one. Now my doctor says I have IBS and I'm lactose intolerant, but I also get severe nausea. My question has anyone else had these problems at all? The IBS, lactose intolerance and nausea? Sometimes it's so bad that I have to take zofran to make it go away. Thanks in advance for anyone who looks at this!

01-27-2012, 08:13 AM
Many people who have IBS also have lactose intolerance,gluten intolerances, and many other food allergies which aggravate the IBS.I have IBS and sometimes it does make me nauseous to the point where I feel like I am going to vomit and wish I would just to get rid of the nauseous feeling. Sometimes I can contribute it to something I ate but sometimes it's stress as well. Boy, if I am the least bit upset about something that is when my IBS goes haywire on me.

03-04-2012, 02:45 PM
Hi, your story sounds so similar to mine.
In Feb 2010 I had food poisoning and then during the following months I had odd bouts of severe nausea that woke me up in the night. I was never sick but the feeling was that strong that I couldn't leave the bathroom just in case. I started feeling sick most days too and found I didn't want to go out and it really started getting me down. I had blood tests but my doctor found nothing until Oct 2010 when I tested positive for the parasite Helicobacter Pyori which I was treated for with antibiotics. My symptoms continued and colonoscopies and endoscopies showed nothing. My last resort was in Feb 2011 when I went to a Natural Health clinic for food intolerance tests and found out I was intolerant to Coffee, Lactose, wheat and cheese and also several other foods but not as badly. The doctor said the intolerances would have built up since the food poisoning and increased the longer they'd been left. I completely changed my diet and started drinking nothing but hot water and felt 100% better even just the next day. I started introducing certain foods back into my diet after 6 weeks and I do still eat some of my 'bad' foods sometimes because it's so hard to cut out everything but I feel so much better. Occasionally I have bad weeks where I'm up in the night several nights in the week with severe nausea but in gereral I can pinpoint this to a 'bad' meal out for example. Maybe you have more intolerances than just Lactose? I'd completely recommend a food intolerance test and hot water. I still drink it now out of choice! :/ although I haven't been diagnosed with IBS I experience bowel problems when I'm up in the night with my nausea or after a meal I know I shouldn't have eaten. Hope this helps you!