View Full Version : Proctitis, unspecific, undigested food etc...

02-23-2012, 11:28 AM

About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with "unspecific" Proctitis. That is exactly what the report from my sigmoidoscopy and biopsy said, "unspecific", meaning they didn't know what caused it.

Since then, I have been taking Salofalk enemas, which have helped a lot and basically enabled me to lead a normal life. I'm quite lucky, because generally my symptoms are relatively easy to handle (blood in stool, slight cramps occasionally, mucus in stool, nothing major though, all of which disappear quickly when I medicate).

However, in the entire time I was suffering these symptoms before diagnosis, there were times when I would also pass undigested food. This has carried on post-diagnosis too.

I have spoken to my GP, who informed me that there is always the possibility of such things with something like Proctitis, due to a general disruption of the digest tract, but I'm not so sure. It seems a little odd, especially that the diagnosis itself was "unspecific" in terms of the genesis of this disease.

In truth I don't really get any of the symptoms of the other, more troubling IBDs (never lost weight, never been anaemic, never been sick, exhausted or lost my appetite, even in the middle of a flair up), but the passing of undigested food and generally "abnormal" looking bowel movements when it happens (increase in volume, slightly lighter brown, not clay coloured, or even sandy, just a very slightly lighter brown than usual) has lead me to believe that I might suffer from something that is as yet undetected (maybe IBS).

Or am I being paranoid? Should I expect to see faster transit times in my stool now that I suffer from UP and is it something I should get used to?

Another thing I should mention is a nagging discomfort at the bottom of my right rib, radiating through to the back, which seems to come and go and which has recently been potentially linked a slight case of GERD. Also, the last time I had my bloods done my iron levels were a little low, but that was during a flair up... although I haven't had any large amounts of blood in my stool since I began medicating (if there are large amounts of time when I'm not medicating, a flair up begins relatively quickly and bleeding begins, which is something I'm used to).