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11-19-2002, 06:13 AM
I get my best orgasms from masturbating with a full bladder. Afterwards I have to pee so bad, that I cannot wait for my dick to get limp again, I pee with an erection. Mostly under the shower :)
Can you also do this ?

11-19-2002, 06:44 AM
Whilst I don't dispute that you can do it, it's extremely rare to be able to do so. Normally during the process of becoming erect, your bladder is restricted from passing urine to the urethra, thereby preventing you from peeing. This can lead to the infuriating situation of being desperate to **** but being unable to as you're hard as a rock! This can be especially bad in the mornings - the combination of EMH and a full bladder isn't a particularly pleasant one!

This is interesting though. Anyone else able to do this? And are you always fully erect when you pee? It's pretty normal to be able to do it with a semi, but a full-on rocky normally stops most guys.

11-19-2002, 03:14 PM
I do occasionally when waking up with an erection and full bladder,,,,,,but have no control where is goes since it is pointing up!

11-20-2002, 02:45 AM
Although difficult, I can and have on numerous times done it with one of those morning woodies!

11-20-2002, 04:48 AM
I would suggest you to **** in the shower, when you have a hard on and need to ****.

11-20-2002, 05:21 AM
There does seem to be one of those "urban myths" that men cannot pee with a full erection. Of course, most can, but relatively slowly and with the major restriction that it points upward and is just - impractical! "Tricks" to manage this latter problem (the best way overall, is if you can go outside and do it), apart from using the shower as mentioned, include "sitting" on the toilet whilst leaning forward so far as to have your head touching the floor, or using a urinal or some substitute whilst still in bed!

Other related matters:

Some people (like Kiltie) confuse inability to pee with an erection, with inability to pee during sexual stimulation or ejaculation. There are two deliberate "actions" associated with peeing (or not). One is to relax the sphincter or "stopping" muscle, and strain (the abdomen) to eject the urine. The opposite is to contract the sphincter and bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle in order to shut off the flow.

What is interesting is that the latter action, contracting the BC muscle at the root of the penis, is the very action that is used to forcibly ejaculate the semen when it happens involuntarily, or automatically. And indeed, it automatically contracts in response to strong stimulus to the glans (penis head), and particularly during an erection.

You will (should) have noticed this when you, for whatever reason, suddenly contract the BC to "shut off" peeing in the middle. While it stops, a forcible spurt is produced in the process - almost as forcible as semen ejaculation.

And in this respect, it is not surprising that the stronger an erection and the more forcibly (distance) semen is ejaculated, the more difficult it is to pee with the same erection. However, since it is always possible to ejaculate, by the same token, it is always possible to pee with an erection even though it is slow and again, you will note that deliberately "stopping" the pee intermittently actually shoots it much faster for just that moment.

So the difficulty "Kiltie" experiences is the actual rarity - I suspect that he is finding his morning erection so strong that the slightest stroke activates the BC reflex which for many seconds inhibits the relaxation required to pee. In addition, the strong feeling of the need to empty the bladder also provokes the same reflex (which is generally understood to be at least part of the mechanism of the morning erection anyway, as they do tend to disappear immediately after peeing!).

11-20-2002, 05:26 AM
Wow! I'm going to have to try this again... A whole new method for cleaning my nostrils has opened up in front of me... ;)

11-20-2002, 01:30 PM
Originally posted by Kiltie:
Wow! ... A whole new method for cleaning my nostrils has opened up in front of me

A somewhat interesting consideration, is at what degree of erection is the range (or height) of peeing maximised? A really firm erection certainly tends to restrict the channel too much, whilst with no erection, it seems not to be adequately directed.

Just one of those "shower experiments". :D

11-20-2002, 03:00 PM
I'll give it a try and let you know!

11-20-2002, 03:45 PM
I agree about masturbating with a full bladder. The orgasmic feelings are so much more intense and you can masturbate a lot longer before blowing your load. I have to say, though, my *** dribbles out when blowing my load, instead of shooting out, when I masturbate with a full bladder.

11-28-2002, 06:51 PM
Well, i am a 14 year old guy and well, :D i almost constantly have an erection. I can pee very easily but your semen and pee come from different tubes so u cant pee and ejaculate at the same time.

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11-29-2002, 01:49 AM
Originally posted by duhlry:
Well, i am a 14 year old guy and well, i almost constantly have an erection.


I can pee very easily but your *** and pee come from different tubes so u cant pee and *** at the same time.

True enough, but that's not the reason, you see. The thing is that the two things have different "switches" as it were, and the controlling nerves for each, switch off the other. Even with a full bladder, you have to "switch on" the bladder to pee, and it takes a few seconds. Sexual stimulation, such as stroking, which triggers you to stiffen the penis and "come", completely automatically shuts off the bladder.

If as an exercise, you try to pee whilst stroking your penis (a good "shower exercise" of course) briskly, you find that you just can't relax sufficiently to pee while you are stroking - and in reference to the original question, it's the stroking, not the erection that is stopping you. If you try quite hard to exert the "pee" command whilst stroking, it does tend to intensify the effect of the stroking (speeding up the "come"), but eventually it forces you to "pull back" (stiffening the penis) from peeing.

And if you do manage to pee whilst stroking, you were probably stroking only very gently!

11-30-2002, 11:35 AM
People think that you can't pee with an erection because it's the erection that closes your bladder off from your urethra.

Um. No.

It's more the muscular contractions from the man's ejaculation that force his bladder closed at the junction.

11-30-2002, 08:00 PM
Originally posted by wrin:
It's more the muscular contractions from the man's ejaculation that force his bladder closed at the junction.

I daresay that is what I was trying to say - and the contractions that precede ejaculation, caused by stroking.

Thank you again for your correction. ;-)