View Full Version : Colorectal-Diagnosis???

06-22-2012, 10:57 AM
After suspicion of colon cancer my mother had the following tests done;

Lab tests of coloscopy sample
CT scan

From the endoscopy the doctor made mention of an ulcer that he detected, and thereafter no further mention has been made.

From the colonoscopy the outcome was said to be tumors which were obstructing the passage and also had an abscess.

Lab tests of samples from the colonoscopy came back negative for cancer and there was no repeat of the same test.

The next was the CT scan which indicated the supposed cancer had not spread to other areas.

An operation followed in a bid to remove the tumors and it was unsuccessful as the doctor saw the cancer had spread to the bladder, intestines, pelvic wall necessitating chemotherapy.

A stoma has been done to bypass the obstructed rectum whilst chemotherapy is now awaited.

Please help me understand the whole procedure as I am now confused as to whether there is really a case of cancer or misdiagnosis seeing that lab results were never positive for cancer and also not repeated. The diagonosis to this end has been stated as colorectal cancer.