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07-05-2012, 08:19 PM
Hello all, First thank you for looking at my post.

My grandfather is 66, and lives alone. He is a Veitnam veteran, and recently his paranoia and signs of Alzheimer's Dementia has gotten worse. Lets start out with a little history.

He always lived across the street from his mother, My great grandmother. She passed away in 2008 in her young 80s, after many many years of having Dementia.
She would accuse us of coming in her house, and stealing things, and as it got worse, she completely forgot who I was.

My granfather has been living alone since her passing, He has shuttered all of his windows, put a A++++ Alarm system throughout his home, and stays inside unless he is taking care of his lawn.

Heres the fun part. He swears that "People" are out to get him, "They" have boxes in his yard, that project laser beams into his home and into his camera system. "They" Paint his driveway with paint that creates a white fog that blocks his camera lenses (when he points out this paint, its actually dried bird crap), "They" steal his pile of dirt out of the back yard, kill his plants, get in his house by wearing "A blue gel" that makes them invisible, "they" move stuff around. "They" light fireworks off in his yard, The boomboxes the drugs, the Ni****s(sorry, I didnt know any other way to express his words) ETC ETC.

It has recently gotten incredibly worse. He has had out local police at his house 3 times in the past week searching for those "Laser projecting boxes", He had them at his house a couple years ago about the fog the "people" make over his cameras. He is now so frustrated that he says hes going to go out in his yard at night with his Scope and gun, and start shooting these "People". He told my mother yesterday that he is going to booby trap his entire yard, so the "People" can fall into them. He has recently shot at these "people" in his back yard, (He lives in a very residential neighborhood, with neighbors on both sides, and a small set of trees behind him with a business on the other side of the woods). I told him "Pappaw you cant shoot anyone," He said "Jake, that word is not in my vocabulary, I can and I will" I argued with him that he would go to jail and his response is "Well I cant sleep here, Ill sleep in jail".

my mother lives in Tennessee, and is not on his paperwork at his doctors so they wont talk to her. She has tried over and over to become the PA on his paperwork, but without a diagosis she cannot do that, And without the doctors office talking to her, She isnt even able to convince them to give him a psych evaluation.

My pappaw is NOT safe to live alone, PERIOD. His neighbors are not safe, he isnt safe, and were terrified that if we attempt to step in he will see us as the "Enemy" and start a riot.


07-06-2012, 05:26 AM
You need to talk with an elder care attorney. Take the police reports of visits to his house with you. If there is any way to get your grandfather to sign a Power of Attorney for you or your mother, that would be great. But if he is that suspicious, it may be hard to convince him...but you could try - saying, perhaps, that you agree someone is after him and that you want to help should something happen. Whatever it takes. but do talk with an attorney.

Also, it's not called "shell shock" any more - it's Post Truamatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

I wish you the best....let us know what you find out after talking with an attorney.

07-06-2012, 08:37 AM
I know that it isn't called shell shock anymore, and that cases now are considered as ptsd. In his case, all of this stemming from Vietnam, they still call it SS.

Were looking into the lawyer situation, but for now my mom keeps blowing up the phones at his doctor, trying to tell them her concerns. My uncle is the only person on his paperwork, but refuses to get involved

07-06-2012, 08:43 AM
Depending on where you live, your uncle may be able to relinquish his POA or sign it over to someone else. Be sure to ask about that.

07-06-2012, 01:29 PM
If you feel that your grandfather is a threat to himself and/or to others (which it sure sounds like he is), you can have the police come get him and have him mentally evaluated. While this is going on, you can search his home for his gun(s) and ammo.

Hopefully, he will then be able to get the help that he needs.

I will be praying for your grandfather and for you and your family.

07-06-2012, 05:19 PM
As much as we want to do that, we know then he will fight police and end up in more trouble than doing any good. We've been debating having the police go take his guns, and they would get them, after he ran out of ammo shooting at them. Were trying to do it as easily as possible, without him hurting himself or hurting others. I really appreciate all of your help.

07-07-2012, 07:40 AM
You are a good granddaughter to notice what is going on, to recognize the danger he is to himself and to others, and to try to get involved. I think I would call the local non-emergency police number and ask them for advice as to who you should call for help.

I believe they will see this as the potential emergency it is and if they cannot directly provide help, they could tell you which agency in your area you could call. Be sure to mention their are guns in the home.

Also, most cities have some sort of mental health agency or treatment center. Maybe that would be a place to call for information.

I hope you will continue to pursue this till you get the answers you need. This sounds like a very dangerous situation.