View Full Version : Itching in Anus

07-07-2012, 03:14 AM
I am aged 43, male. Last 1 year, have been having mild itching pain in my anus. This happens whenever I pass stool or when I fart. I have been having sme kind of stomach bloating / feels gaseous after dinner and have to fart 3-4 times to get the stomach back to normal. Whenever I fart, its loud and also causes pain in the anal area. After passing stool, I wash my anal araea with splashing water and have pain during this time. Sometimes, I have seen bright red blood in the stool, not regular though.

I met my doctor 6 months back and he gave me tablets and cream to be applied internally. I seemed to be doing ok during the medication times. But after I stopped the medication, the problems seems to be back.

Is this a major problem? Has anyone experienced this? I am worried.

07-07-2012, 07:14 AM
It sounds like you may have hemmroids. That is the exact pain that I feel when my hemmroids flare up. You can have internal and external hemmroids. Get you some Preperation H, or Tucks pads to put on your anus and it will help with the pain. If it doesn't get any better, see your doctor, and maybe he can check to make sure that is the actual problem, or give you something stronger to help with it. I hope you feel better and find out what is going on. Also try to use wet wipes when whipping, it makes it a little better for me as well.