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07-15-2012, 10:55 AM

My husband who will be 51 this month just had a screening colonoscopy (his father had colon resection 15 years ago and is doing fine) that found a large (small plum) polyp in his rectum. The GI doctor said it looked benign but biopsy found malignancy in the middle and towards the stalk (the top was benign). Had a consultation with a colorectal surgeon who says it is high enough in his rectum where a permanent colostomy can 97% be avoided (although depending on tissue may need temporary). He now has to have his CEA drawn and his CAT scan.

I am just very scared and waiting for staging is pure torture and while trying to find info I found this site so I decided to join because I know I will be searching for answers and advice from those who have gone through this and also need some support (hard trying to be strong for 17 and 20 year old children and hubby while inside I am absolutely terrified) where I can openly voice my fears. He is my best friend and I am only 42 and was expecting to be together for many more years. He has just recently had a physical and routine blood work (CBC, liver function tests, etc) all were normal, its just the size of the polyp is scaring me so much.

I will update more as I know more and will certainly have questions. Just wanted to introduce myself and my situation. Thanks Dee.

07-15-2012, 11:27 AM
Welcome, Dee. I hope you find the board helpful. First, the good news is that the entire thing wasn't malignant. If the bad cells were in middle and toward the stalk, but not at the base of the stalk, it may be completely removable intact. If all his physical results were normal just recently that is also encouraging. His CEA will probably come back high, but then it should drop after surgery, and will be useful for monitoring in future. I know this is scary, but try to remember that most malignant polyps are removed without recurrence, especially when there is no invasion of the rectal wall. So everything is in your favor, and his.

07-16-2012, 08:32 AM
Thank you for the welcome ladybug. I agree that with the whole thing not being malignant it would lean towards it being in early stages. Thanks for your remark about the CEA, I actually was not thinking that it being high now would not necessarily be bad because the cancer is still in him. They would probably also take it sometime after the surgery to see if it dropped correct? Then use it for surveillance down the road. Really not much we can do except one step and one day at time. Positive thoughts!